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5 Foods That Makes You Feel Tired Quickly

Author Topic: 5 Foods That Makes You Feel Tired Quickly  (Read 1582 times)

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5 Foods That Makes You Feel Tired Quickly
« on: October 04, 2016, 03:40:43 PM »

Ever wondered why you run out of energy in the afternoon? Your favorite break fast, launch or snack foods make take the blame. Certain foods saps you of energy quickly and here are 5 of those food varieties.

White Bread

If you're choosing carbs with a high glycemic index like white bread and white rice, instead of those with whole grains like whole-wheat bread and brown rice, them you're not getting the key elements that keep you feeling strong and satiated. Carbs are your best friend and your worst enemy. Simple carbs like candy and soda are great for a quick energy boost, because they are quickly digested. Carbs like whole grain also tends to spike blood glucose levels but, once the glucose level drops back down, that can lead to a crash in energy. This is why carbs are good for working out but not so great for a huge lunch.

Red Meat

The high fat content of red meat like steaks and hamburgers could leave you feeling drowsy. It takes allot of enery=gy to break it down, so all your body energy is focused on that. Why not replace red meats with salmon. Omega-3 fatty acid found in salmon has been proven to help the brain function and focus.


Research has shown that cherries and tart cherry juice work well as a natural sleep aid because they are high in melatonin. Cherries, along with nuts and oats, are a natural source of melatonin and when eaten regularly, can help regulate your sleep cycle. Cherries are best served as bedtime snacks.


Honey contains glucose, which tells your brain to shut off orexin-the chemical known to trigger alertness. A teaspoon of honey is all you need for a good night's sleep.


Just a handful of these and i bet you'll be dozing off in no time. Almonds contain tryptophan and magnesium, both of which help naturally reduce muscle and nerve function while also steadying your heart rhythm. 


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