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All you need to know about Google DFP: Getting started

Author Topic: All you need to know about Google DFP: Getting started  (Read 4871 times)

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All you need to know about Google DFP: Getting started
« on: October 12, 2014, 01:40:32 AM »

Was surfing the net about a week ago when i came across Google DFP ( Double Click For Publishers )
Lot of Adsense Publishers might find this very helpful.

Have you ever had a problem of Advert space on your site?
Sometimes Adsense just takes the entire Adslot in your site leaving no room for Private adverts

All thanks to DFP (Double Click for Publisher) you can now rotate Google Ads with other Ad networks ( Media.net) or
Private adverts.

Lets Get Started
Firstly you have to create a DFP account visit and sign up at http://google.com/dfp
After Signup you can now login to your user interface

You would see 4 different tabs
Order: Where you manage your Campaigns
Inventory: Where you manage you inventory and generate your tags
Reports: Where you review your Campaign performance.
Admin: Where you can administrate users and advanced options.


How to setup Ad units so you can serve ads via DFP
Ok now that we know what each option is let us set up your Ad Unit.
Go to the Inventory Tab,
select Ad Units on the left and then click on ‘+ New Ad Unit“.

Select Web
Input a name for the Adunit
It is recommended you use a very descriptive name something like Yoursite_Forum_AD
This is very optional, not compulsory
Now select the sizes of your ads, you can get the sizes for your Adunit in your Adsense dashboard.
Target Window:
If you want the Ads when clicked to open a new window select _blank, for same window select _top
Ok let’s continue.
Below the Target Window option you find the placement option.
If you already have placements and want your Ad Unit to be part of one or more placements you can select them now.
But don’t worry, you can always add them later too.

Finally save

Now you would need to generate Tags and place on your website.
In the Inventory tab click Generate tags on the left

Choose the Adunit you wanna generate tag for by clicking include next to the Adunit
Then click on Generate Tags

There are two parts of code you need to implement. The first JavaScript part (2) goes into your websites
header and contains all the Ad Units and your Publisher ID for that page.

The second part (3) are the actual Ad Units which you place into the spots of your
Ad Units (below <body> tag in your source code). Because of your descriptive naming for your Ad Units you know where
to put each Ad Units into your HTML Body.

Next Step
Creating an order.

Click on the Order tab at the left
select New Order

Put anything example Advert 1

Add new Company

    Advertiser = A third party customer that advertises on your website(s)
    Ad Network = Ad Networks like Google AdSense where you don’t deal with a single Advertisers
    House Advertiser = Your own Company or Divisions of your company which places ‘in house’ Ads on your website

Select Advertiser and click Save.

You have created a new company profile.
Note: If you want to edit it you can do so by clicking on your Admin Tab (on the right)
and then on Companies in the left navigation

Leave Optional order fields
And scroll down to Line items

Put the name of your Adcode for Adsense
Inventory Size:
Select the size of the Adsense code

Under Settings
Type: Its advisable to choose Price Priority, cause it gives priority to the highest paying Ads

Start time: Immediately
End Time: Unlimited

For Impression you can use 5,000,000

Rate: i set mine to 2$

And finally Targeting
We would target this line item to the Ad unit created previously.

Click on Inventory then include the Adunit created earlier

Then save and Upload creatives

Upload the Ad Creative:
Next you have to upload the ad creative that will display on your web pages.
You can either upload images, Flash videos or even snippets of HTML and JavaScript in case you’re going with text ads.

To add Adsense code click on Third party and Input your adsense ads code
Save and add more creatives

The more creatives you add the more they get rotated in a single position (slot)

If you did not Approve (see above) your newly created Order you have to do so now or your creatives wont be served

Note: It can take up to 30 Minutes before a creative is going to be delivered after you have created it so be patient.

Thank you :)
Ask your questions below


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