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U.S Police Racial killings Alton Sterling Shot d#ad (Graphic Photos)

Author Topic: U.S Police Racial killings Alton Sterling Shot d#ad (Graphic Photos)  (Read 2487 times)

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In just a week Police has racially killed two black civilians for no good reasons.

Please Note that this Article includes Graphic Images.

Firstly Alton Sterling was shot to death by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by two officers in front of a Triple S Food Mart
Two videos have emerged of his last minutes which can been seen on Afriwap.com - one of them taken by Abdullah Muflahi, the food mart's owner

He says:
'The truth had to come out. I did hold back from giving it to anybody for the first few hours. I felt they didn't need to kill him.'

City has seen protests over the death of Sterling, a father of five
Two cops involved in shooting Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II have both been suspended while death is investigated

Lawyer who represented another police shooting victim, Walter Scott, has been retained by Sterling's family

d*ad: Alton Sterling was killed following the confrontation outside a Baton Rouge convenience store early Tuesday morning

Here are images before the police open fire on Alton Sterlin

The shopkeeper's video captured the moments before police opened fire on Alton Sterling outside his shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Tuesday

Weapon drawn: One of the officers is seen removing his handgun from its holster as Alton Sterling's head is raised from the ground

After Alton Sterling has been shot

He said he was angered that police entered the shop, Triple S Food Mart, to take the surveillance footage, and refused to let him observe them scour his property.
But he said they were unaware that he had captured the incident on his iPhone 6 and had been hiding it from them.

Abdullah Muflahi Spoke
'I'm really upset, heartbroken and it really hurts. I'm trying to hold on and stay strong for Alton,' he said.
'As soon as I saw them tackle him to the ground, that was when I noticed it was escalating, so I grabbed my phone to record it as quickly as possible.
'I got the last scene of it where they shot him. I didn't expect it to escalate to that level.'
Muflahi said he was thinking: 'Ok, he's on the ground, they are just going to put him in handcuffs.'

Muflahi said as the police blasted Sterling in the chest, the first shots made the his own body shake, which was why his phone's lens moved away for a few seconds from the shooting.
'I got scared and I shook and stepped back because I was so close,' Muflahi said.
'After they got off him, (police) back up came right away and they put me in a car until 3 or 4am and took me to detectives' office where I made a statement.
'They wanted to go inside the store to take the video. I said I want to be inside my store, but they said no because they couldn't let anybody view the tape.

Read the Other Article here=> http://afriwap.com/global-world-news/u-s-police-racial-killings-castile-shot-d*ad-by-minnesota-cop/

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