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Smokio E-cigarette claims to calculate the number of days added to life expectancy when you quit tobacco

A company primarily based in Paris has dropped a ‘smart’ e-cigarette that they say will predict a user's Life Span.

The Smokio device connects to a smartphone app and tracks your usage, giving the user updates on both their health and finances over time.

The company says the device won't solely save smokers from wasting money, but it’ll also help them quit on real cigarettes.

Inside the Smokio e-cigarette may be a little semiconductor unit that transmits information to an app available for each android and iOS.

E-cigarettes might save a lot of lives and may not be classed as a tobacco product, which might prohibit their access, leading health specialists have warned.

Last week quite fifty researchers and specialists revealed a letter when claiming to possess seen a leaked document from the planet Health Organisation (WHO) that labeled  the e-cigarettes as a 'threat'.

The letter urges health officers to think about the health consequences of such a move, amid fears e-cigarettes can become more durable to get.

But critics say that not enough is thought concerning the long-run effects of the devices, that deliver vasoconstrictor in a very vapour.

The e-cigarette is joined to a smartphone by Bluetooth so as to transfer info.

Users will then read statistics over the last thirty days to envision what their vaping - the term given to respiratory nicotine-infused e-cigarette liquid - habits are.

The device prices €80 (£65; $80) and includes a 900 mAh battery, which might hold about seven hours of charge.

The electronic 'brain' of the device lets a user track usage and check their vaping history.

When they smoke it monitors their usage and trends, telling them once and wherever they've vaped using GPS technology.

It additionally shows users the equivalent consumption that will be smoke-dried with cigarettes.

The app then reveals to a smoker how their health would dissent if they'd continued  smoking.

This includes things like blood action levels, style and smell, respiratory organ capability and heart rejuvenation.

Through this info the app then estimates what number days the user has further to their lifespan.

‘This relies on information taken from the american Cancer Society,’ Johan Collet of Smokio explains to MailOnline.

‘This takes into consideration your age and the way a lot of you smoke. It’s a catalyst taking into consideration all of the items which will improve your health.’

This then offers an estimate for the way many additional days a smoker is adding to their lifespan by shift tobacco for vaping.

‘The Bluetooth semiconductor unit within the battery collects information from the moment you take a puff,’ continues Collet.

‘This includes the time of the puff, intensity of the puff and every one things like that.

‘It then stores and transmits it to your smartphone wherever calculations are performed and spit go in more readable type.’

The effects of e-cigarettes are still mostly unknown, with numerous agencies like the U.S.A. Food and Drug administration presently acting studies.

A study within the journal Addiction last month, however, found that twenty per cent of nearly six,000 smokers quit smoking with the assistance of e-cigarettes.

The Smokio app offers a user info from the past thirty days (middle). This includes info on once and wherever they've used the device (left) and their health (right), like the change in blood action levels and heart rejuvenation, though the information isn't gathered by measuring very important signs

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