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Designs in Air-conditioner took a twist with Samsung natural philosophy delivering the world’s first triangle Air-conditioner in Nigeria recently.


Speaking at the disclosing in lagos, Managing Director of Samsung electronics West Africa, SEWA, Mr. Brovo Kim, said:  “at Samsung we tend to believe and take pride in our innovation with style and options, with a view to delivering World class products, that enrich the lives of our customers and deliver the future of technology, today.”

He aforementioned that the Triangle designed Air-conditioner is built round the conception of delivering, faster, farther and wider air, whereas saving on energy prices.

The Samsung provides options of Triple protector that helps work the cooling system while not a stabilizer and also the Virus Doctor that helps kill all air borne microorganism and viruses up to ninety nine.9% effectively, helps in delivering uninterrupted and healthful cooling setting.

Unlike the standard cooling system, the Samsung triangle air conditioner includes a self-diagnosis feature (Smart installation) because it mechanically checks for installation faults that may cause issues once the cooling system is in use. Thus, ensuring the air conditioner is installed properly by the service engineer.

This specific models of Triangle style the conditioner comes with a sensible|a sensible|a wise} check automatic error-monitoring system that detects and diagnoses issues and provides straightforward troubleshooting solutions employing a smart application. this saves users time and prevents extra prices before a service callout.