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How to advertise yourself and your works

Author Topic: How to advertise yourself and your works  (Read 2686 times)

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How to advertise yourself and your works
« on: July 02, 2015, 12:09:28 PM »

If you think you are creative, and have jobs to show case to the world, and also to advertise your self. Well congrats, there are means of doing so. That's what i will be explaining in a few secs.

Starting with, doing something. You don't expect people to contact you, especially when you've not done anything to prove you do what ever you say you do. Do samples, practice and get better.

Next advertise with Friends. Well you know this saying," only those with connections go places". Well sort of,  telling friends about what you do is a really cool way to advertise ones self and job. Giving them samples of your job also. Say on their mobile devices, people look at peoples gallery, someone interested might find yours there and contact you. Every means is a means.

Then the third and most effective, Social media It has been of really great help such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other websites and blogs. They have really help in advertising ones job, reaching people from different places at different times. An example of a website is 54artistery. http://www.54artistry.com  I was inspired by this website to write this article. Its really been an effective way of show casing ones work easily, and recently they have been rewarding individual with real master piece jobs. The fun part is, it cover most aspect of creativity, Graphics designers, Photographer, Hair designer, Make up artist an so on. All you need to do is register and show case your job, people would view your jobs, like or share. I registered with them, and it been cool.

So, that it, for now, on those who need help in show case their work. I took a screen shot of what the website looks like, and how cool i can be. Enjoy while you visit.


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