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Top 5 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls. No.5 Will Amaze You

Author Topic: Top 5 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls. No.5 Will Amaze You  (Read 9271 times)

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1.Ukrainian – world’s first “beauty capital”.

Ukrainian streets often play “girls do not sell” slogans to warn impulsive men. In 2013, the world’s leading travel magazine “Guest Digest” named the world’s top ten “beauty capital”, Ukraine’s Kiev topped the list. In the streets of Kiev, you can see the beauty of the face, white skin, tall and beautiful beauty. In addition to Natalia, the most well-known Ukrainian beauty is afraid to have a “beauty prime”, “natural gas princess” and so on the title of Tymoshenko, her iconic big braids, beautiful face was a touch of world politics. In 2009, she was “Daily Mail” and “20Minutos” as “the world’s most beautiful female politicians” one, still “the most hot country leaders” blog ranked first.

2. Brazil – born with sexy.
Multi-ethnic mixed blood caused the beauty of Brazilian. Because of this long-term ethnic integration,  Latin American women absorb and integrate the characteristics of different ethnic groups in the world in appearance, color and body. They have   dark hair, dark eyes which yellow people has and  curling eyelashes, deep eye socket and straight nose which white people has. Especially the skin color, the beauty of the female metaphor for the most sexy wheat color, although delicate but not too delicate.The Brazilian girls are kind to the foreign nationalities and tourists without psychological barriers. They love to dance.

3. Russia – good breast and slender waist

Beauty has become the most dominant “strategic resources” of Belarusians. Belarusian beauty was subjected to “special commercial protection”, suffered an alternative war without smoke: to participate in training, tax collection, can no longer be employed by foreign companies, every young girl who wants to go abroad must be approved in writing by the government. In short, the prohibition of beauty abroad.

4.Sweden-The hometown of blonde.

Swedish movie star Garbo and Bergman swept the world, “Swedish Blond” (Swedish blonde) has become a lot of people in the eyes of the beauty logo. All the previous World and Miss World of the selection, the Swedish girl won several times, the award it is more.

5.Ethiopia -beauty of the country.

As an old country with a long history of mystery, Ethiopia is not only a beautiful scenery and splendid culture, but also beautiful place, known as Africa,  Anthropologists pointed out that Ethiopia is rich in beauty, and most of the song and dance, good manners and deeds, and here since ancient times, deep cultural heritage, known as “civilized etiquette of the state” is a great relationship.


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