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Quickteller introduces Verve eCash

Author Topic: Quickteller introduces Verve eCash  (Read 3416 times)

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Quickteller introduces Verve eCash
« on: July 03, 2014, 06:01:04 PM »

What it is?Verve eCash is a simple prepaid card linked to your email address and phone number.Why it’s good?You never need to cram your card number again
  • It’s free of bank/OTP restrictions when being used
  • With eCash, no need to expose your full bank account/card online anymore.
How to get it?Just visit Quickteller. Or click here. You can also dial *322*60# from your phoneHow to topup your eCash account?Online here
  • At an ATM. See instructionshere
How to use it
Using the newly funded & brand new Verve eCash is quite easy as it is all about convenience and a greater chance of a successful transaction completion. It can be used in regular card payment situations including the following:
On Quickteller.com
Verve eCash works the same way any other payment card works: you have entered the details for the item/bill/airtime that you want pay for and you click ‘Pay’.
To select Verve eCash as your payment instrument/option do the following:Select the payment you want to carry out and click “Pay”
  • Click ‘Select a card’
  • The Verve eCash is listed under ‘Select one of your cards’
  • Select Verve eCash
  • Enter your PIN, click Pay
  • Enter your OTP to complete the transaction

On the Quickteller App:
Similarly, Verve eCash works the same way any other payment card works on the Quickteller App:You want to buy airtime, or pay a bill and you click ‘Next’
  • The payment option page opens i.e. How would you like to complete this transaction?
  • A list of recognised payment options is displayed
  • Select Verve eCash
  • Enter your PIN
  • Click ‘Recharge Now’ (in the case of airtime purchase)
  • Voila! Transaction Successful!!
Verve eCash, odikwa very easy, right?

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