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Title: Nicki Minaj’s Backup Dancer Was Ironically Bitten By A Snake While Performing ‘A
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While rehearsing onstage this weekend for her MTV Video Music Awards performance on Friday, a giant snake bit one of Nicki Minaj’s backup dancers.
The six-foot-long boa constrictor called Rocky locked his jaw on the inside of the dancer’s left arm while Minaj practiced the performance for her new song, “Anaconda.”
According to Chris Velvin, the Director of Production Safety for Viacom Media Networks, after being treated by an on-site medic, the backup dancer was taken to a local hospital out of “an abundance of caution.”
The accident occurred when Rocky was hanging from the dancer’s shoulders. The snake is non-venomous and the woman’s injuries are reportedly not life threatening.
Minaj was onstage while the attack occurred and was not injured. Immediately after the bite, Minaj asked, “Did she get bit by the snake?” and rushed to see if the dancer was harmed.
This wasn’t the only odd sight at the VMA events on Friday night. While performing “Fancy” at a HIV/AIDS benefit concert, Iggy Azalea fell totally off the stage. She was helped back up immediately by security guards and was “very blessed’ she didn’t break her legs.
We can only hope that the actual VMA show goes considerably smoother on Monday