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Author Topic: LATEST NEWS AROUND NIGERIA (NEWS SPLASH)  (Read 1976 times)

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« on: October 09, 2016, 09:37:13 AM »

🖊 *Jegede, Mimiko's stooge ' Akeredolu*

🖊 *Obasanjo is happy I exposed Dogara ' Jibrin*

🖊 *Govt's patronage of made-in-Nigeria goods still low ' SKG-Pharma MD*

🖊 *Nigeria loses N3.4tn as crude* *production drops Regulatory*

🖊 *environment slowing* *down MSMEs' growth*
*Understanding cloud* *technology*

🖊 *NERC okays mini-*grids for power firms*
*Oil industry battles* cybercrimes*

🖊 *I play football but I'm sexy ' Adule*

🖊 *Russia 2018: Fumbling giants target revival in Ndola*

🖊 *Impostors defrauding Nigerians with my name ' Osimhen*

🖊 *Jordan 2016:  *Flamingoes crash out after Korea loss*

🖊 *Barca academy lines up plans for Nigerian kids*

🖊 *Song not d*ad, says CAF*

🖊 *A major, general mistake*

🖊 *Genesis of Ambode's political metamorphosis*

🖊 *Culture of being in Nigeria's development*

🖊 *Presidency passes vote of confidence on Emefiele*

🖊 *Challenges of women entrepreneurship by Ruff n Tumble boss*

🖊 *Stakeholders dialogue on public ' private sector collaboration for entrepreneurship devpt.*

🖊 *The Bible is not infallible (2)*

🖊 *Asiwaju Bola Tinubu at crossroads politically*

🖊 *Buhari will change this economy forever ' Kachikwu*

🖊 *Judge's Arrest: Now its time to stand up and be counted ' Fani'Kayode*

🖊 *DSS vows to get hold of missing $2m found in Judge's home*

🖊 *PDP's protest over Edo election result off the point ' APC*

🖊 *What Nigeria needs to move forward is inclusive growth- Academicians*

🖊  *Epe kidnap: Militants cleared waterways a week before operation*

🖊 *Why Nigeria has not disintegrated, by Pastor Abina, PFN founding father*

🖊 *Adeosun to World bank/IMF: Nigeria in global market to stay*

🖊 *N-Delta groups merge to speak with one voice*

🖊 *Anti-corruption crackdown: DSS recovers over N360m in 3 judges' homes*

🖊 *Re: Alleged Corruption: 7 Judges arrested 'Two Supreme Court Judges*

🖊 *Buhari is building solid structure for Nigeria ' Kachukwu*

🖊 *Untag Those Heels Obi of Onizuka absolves Buhari from economic woes*

🖊 *NBA demands immediate release of two arrested, detained S-Court justices*

🖊 *Arrest of judges: NBA should order boycott of courts ' Adegboruwa*

🖊 *5 ways to make N5000 a day in Lagos*

🖊 *EDO: PDP rigging machine failed ' Idahosa*

*Oh APC! The unravelling of a ruling party'' The Tinubu, Oyegun battle*

*How to prepare your business for a bank loan*

🖊 *Between Tinubu and Buhari: The Modern Day Afonja and ALIMI Lions ready to tame Foxes in Bilda*

🖊 *Rohr looks beyond Zambia*
*U-17 Women's W Cup: Flamingoes crash out I expect a tough match ' Nwosu*

🖊 *World Cup Qualifier: Eagles go for Chipolopolo jugular*

🖊 *Eagles take on Zambia without supporters*

🖊 *I built house selling items I picked from dumpsites*

🖊 *To sail above recession, Lagos injects N19bn into economy*
*Let him who would move the world first move himself*

🖊 *Where is ex-finance minister Remi Babalola*
*Your situation isn't hopeless*

🖊 *Ruthless Men Who Stop At Nothing To Get Revenge! Of Politicians and Zombies by L. Ibrahim*

🖊 *Bukola does an Olajumoke with Kelechi Amaobi*

🖊 *God wants me to contest my mandate, Ize Iyamu sparks*

🖊 *US accuses Russia of cyber attacks to disrupt election*

🖊 *Facebook launches smartphone app for event seekers*

🖊 *Wenger says England job should go to an Englishman*

🖊 *Poor s*x, diabetes, infertility and stem cell therapy*

🖊 *Nigeria has over 2m recorded cases of cancer -Laboratory scientist*

🖊 *Anger over 50 Nigerian students detained in Turkey*

........ *EXCLUSIVE*
The present trials of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the colossus of the Southwest is not surprising to those who have vision. I saw it coming and that was why over two years ago, precisely on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, I wrote a back page op-ed on ThisDay newspaper titled ĎFrom Battleground to Common Groundí and in that piece, I said inter alia as follows:
BOOK LAUNCH:  President Muhammadu Buhari accompanied by the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo being received by the APC Chieftain and Former Governor of Lagos, Senator Bola Tinubu and Speaker Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara during a book Launch on President Muhammadu Buhari, tagged: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria by Mr. John N Paden held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja. File photo
ĎA comrade is not for what you are for, neither does he share the same interests as you. A comrade is simply one who is against what you are against. In other words, you are bound by a common enemy.
The All Progressives Congress, APC is a party founded on this premise.
Those who are enemies of the President (Goodluck Jonathan) and the PDP gathered together to form a party whose foundation is their common enemy.
They share no ideological connection, neither are they friends. In actual fact, they may even hate each other, only that they hate the President and the PDP more and are willing to temporarily suppress their hatred for each other in other to gang up against their common enemy.
In my experience, it is better to have a party built on common interests than to have one built on a common enemy. This is because as even a political novice will tell you, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies only permanent interests.
Now, if the above is true, what would happen to a party that is built on a common enemy?
Parties built on this foundation last only as long as the enemy is in power. Once their enemy is no longer in power the party disintegrates.í
It does not matter if you hate Reno Omokriís guts, but ask yourself if what I said has not turned out to be the truth.
In the space of just a month, Bola Tinubu has been deliberately mystified and treated with such contempt that even those who he considered his worst enemies find themselves feeling sorry for him.
But he should have seen it coming!
The unraveling of Bola Tinubu actually began on the 3rd of June 2016, when President Muhammadu Buhari publicly and right in Tinubuís face told him at a reception the President held for members of the National Assembly at the Presidential Villa that the All Progressive Congress had no such position as a National Leader.
I know this because a Senator who attended the function called me almost immediately after the event and told me about how the hall descended into almost pin drop silence after the President made that assertion.
I can assure my readers that President Muhammadu Buhari would never have made such a remark prior to the 2015 elections. But who needs a piece of toilet paper after it has done its job!
That remark was the signal that sleeper agents  within the APC were waiting for to begin the unraveling of the masquerade.
Teaching him a lesson in Ondo state is only the beginning. Bola Tinubuís comeuppance is not yet complete in the eyes of his traducers.
And then look at the way he is portrayed in  Professor John Padenís biography of the president. Paden portrays Tinubu as a desperate power monger who kept throwing himself at Buhari only to be rejected at each instance. Tinubu, see how low you have fallen!
I do not know why Bola Tinubu is angry at Paden. Did he not read that this was an official biography?
Paden was not there during the horse trading. The book was written with the cooperation of President Buhari. The things he wrote about Tinubu were the accounts he was given by the President.


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