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Man rapes 8 year old daughter

Author Topic: Man rapes 8 year old daughter  (Read 2570 times)

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Man rapes 8 year old daughter
« on: May 08, 2014, 05:57:04 PM »

 Wonders they say shall never end,such is the case of Mr Biola Bankole who reportedly rapes his own 8 year old daughter at their one room apartment at Ikorodu a suburb area in Lagos state.

The daughter(name withheld) reported she have been a s*x slave to her own father.

Speaking to our correspondent she had this to say "My father has been the one taken care of me since my mother ran away to marry another man in our neighborhood,my father is a chain smoker and he drinks a lot,whenever he comes back home late in the night he would wake me up from my sleep and have s*x with me.Whenever he does it with me he would loud the stereo set in our parlour so as to conceal my shout and cries thereby preventing neighbours to know what's happening between us,he told me not to tell anyone else he would send me away to meet my mother and that he will kill the both of us".

The girl father denied all the allegations put against him saying he never for once slept on the same bed with his daughter not to talk of having intimate pleasure with her "The girl in question is my daughter and I've never had s*x with her,why should I? Truly her mother left us some months back and since then I've been both a father and a mother to her,I don't know who's telling her to tell lies  against me cause I have never for once slept with her,whenever I feel the urge to have s*x I go to the brothel around our area and do what I like there but I have never brought home a prostitute just because of my daughter safety".

Also speaking on the matter,a Neighbor,Mr Paul had this to say about the incident "The girl father is truly a drunkard and he patronize a popular brothel not far from here,but I don't know whether he have been sleeping with his daughter,but he's a chronic drunkard and there are times he would drink to stupor and play music in house late at night and we co-tenants would find it difficult to sleep,that's all I can say on the issue.

Another man said "the daughter came to me on Sunday and told me all that's happening between her and her father,and I didn't let her go to the room instead I let my wife hide her in our room till the next day when I went to the police station,the must have been looking for her throughout the night cause he didn't on his generator and no music was on,and he might not had noticed due to his state of been drunk,I made the report to the police and they got him arrested.

Father and Daughter are currently in the police station answering question.

Nigerians are growing insecured as many cases of child abuse have been heard in most parts of the country.


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