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Man dies while having unstoppable s*x

Author Topic: Man dies while having unstoppable s*x  (Read 1942 times)

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Man dies while having unstoppable s*x
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:22:10 AM »

A working class man (name withheld), during the weekend
,passed away while having
 non-stop sexual intercourse with a lady  of 21 years who's studying at the Ebonyi State
 University. The incident which occurred at the girl’s
 hostel room at the Presco campus of the university.  Eyewitnesses reported
 that the man gave up the ghost in the lady's room
.The girl after noticing the man had gave up the ghost, took the body of the deceased to his car,
then proceeded  to the
police station. She's now in police detention
 assisting in the investigation of the
Hostel mate Tobi Lawrence added: “It threw the entire hostel
 residents into confusion, as everybody began to
 run helter-skelter, in order to evade police arrest.”
He added “It was on saturday  morning when
 the police came to our hostel  arrested
everybody in sight. What I heard was that the man
 visited the girl and in the process of making love he
gave up the ghost,the girl is a friend of  mine and she has always been coming to school with lots of Men,she's more or less a 'runs girl' and nothing like this as ever happened,so its so surprising and scary"

Arrested residents are currently in police detention answering questions from the police so as to get to the root of the matter.
Senior police officer Chris Anyanwu,
the lady is into prostitution and she had met the man a month prior to the incident and that was not the first time she would be having s*x with the man who she's calls 'Habamoney' and that on the day of the incident the man had taken some performance enhancing drugs with a bottle of whiskey which made the lady question him about where he had gotten it since he didn't buy when they were coming and the deceased reportedly told her one of the male resident there sold it to him for 5000 naira and that they had been on the act for 2 hours before he eventually slumped and gave up the ghost after ejaculation.
What drugs was given to him haven't been confirmed has police are currently running autopsy on his body.
The case would be put to hearing in court on the 12th of May 2014.

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