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Earthquake and it Causes

Author Topic: Earthquake and it Causes  (Read 1734 times)

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Earthquake and it Causes
« on: July 15, 2014, 02:39:20 PM »

Earthquake can be defined as the sudden vibration of the earth crust which is as a result of the propagation of the stored potential energy in the form of electromagnetic shockwaves.
1. Origin: This is a point in the interior of the earth where earthquake actually originate from. It is also known as Siesmic focus.
2. Epicentre: This is a point on the earth surface where the seismic vibrations are first felt.
3. Siesmography: This is the scientific study of movement in the interior of the earth.
4. Shockwaves: This is the form in which potential energy is propelled out in the interior of the earth.
5. Body waves: They are shockwaves that operates in the interior of the earth and they are of two types;
• Primary waves
• Secondary waves
6. Surface waves: They are shockwaves that operate on the earth surface. They are of two types of surface waves namely;
• Love waves
• Rayleign waves.

Earthquake is common in areas where the crust is unstable like the coastal areas of all the continents. Examples;
1. Agadir (Morocco)
2. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia (East Africa)
3. San Francisco, Los Angeles (USA)
4. Asia- China (Kansu), Japan (Yokohamma)
5. Central America- Costa Rica, Peuto rico, Nicaragua, Haiti e.t.c.
6. Circumpacific ring of fire- Areas that surround pacific ocean.
7. The worst earthquake event took place in 1755 at Lisbon Portugal.
8. South America- Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador e.t.c.

1. Landslide (Slumping)
2. Tsunami
3. Loss of lives
4. Loss of property
5. Draining of lakes
6. Formation of new lakes
7. Displacement of earth’s surface.

Tsunami is a huge tidal wave observed in coastal areas and caused by vibration of ocean floor due to earthquake or temor. Tsunami is common along the coast of East Asia.

It is an instrument used in measuring the intensity of earthquake.

This is another instrument used in measuring the magnitude of earthquake shockwave.

It is used to measure the intensity of earthquake based on the nature of damage.

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