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Author Topic: WORST FOOTBALL INJURIES EVER (PICS)  (Read 6052 times)

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« on: September 05, 2014, 10:00:25 PM »

Wow really heart breaking. ??? :'(
I took my time to compile Soccer's most Dangerous injuries starting from Lowest to Highest.

Last on our List is

German midfielder Lienen was playing for Arminia Bielefeld in 1981. During a match in August 1981, Lienen suffered a horrible leg injury after receiving a sliding tackle from Norbert Siegmann of Werder Bremen, who silt Lienen’s thighs with his boots creating a 25 cm long gash on Lienen’s right thigh. The wound required 23 stitches. Despite the open gash, Lienen ran towards Werder coach in shock, blaming him for the injury.


In February 2006, Alan Smith, who was playing for Manchester United, severely dislocated his left ankle while trying to block a powerful freekick from Liverpool player John Arne Riise. Although Smith made a speedy recovery and featured as a substitute seven months later, Sir Alex Ferguson described the injury as “one of the worst”.


The Swedish footballer, who was known as an excellent striker for his goal scoring prowess, suffered a career threatening injury in 1999 when he broke the fibula and tibia of his left leg. After the match against Lyon, Larsson, who was playing for Celtic then, spent eight months on the side-lines and made a comeback for the 2000 Euro Cup.


 One of the best strikers in Europe, Belgian Luc Nilis was famous for his goal scoring abilities during his days at PSV in the Dutch Eredivisie during 1996-97. When Nilis stepped onto the turf in 2000 for Aston Villa, he had little idea that it would be the end of his career. During the match, Nilis collided with Ipswich goalkeeper Richard Wright, due to which his right calf was broken at two places.


   <ins></ins>The Frenchman has broken both his legs during his long nomadic career. In 2004, when Cisse played for Liverpool, his left foot got caught against the turf while trying to challenge Blackburn Rover’s Jay McEveley, resulting in a broken fibula and tibia. He made a swift recovery, making a comeback in six months. He broke his other leg after it got twisted before falling during an international friendly against China.


One of the most loyal players in the history of football, Totti, who captains the Serie A club AS Roma, suffered a serious leg injury while playing against Empoli FC in the Italian Championship on February 19th, 2006. He fractured his left fibula and severed the interconnecting ligaments with the malleolus. He underwent surgery the same night and a metal plate was inserted into his leg. He returned to the team in May the same year.


Reminiscent of Eduardo da Silva’s injury, Aaron Ramsey broke his fibula and tibia in a double fracture while he was playing for Arsenal. Only 17 years old then, Ramsey suffered the injury after being tackled by Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross. Ramsey needed 9 months to recover from the injury. Though he never received a proper apology from Shawcross, Ramsey said that he has moved on.


Dyer had a career that was blighted by injuries. In August 2007, Dyer suffered a broken right leg during a match against Bristol Rovers. The West Han United midfielder was tackled by Joe Jacobson that resulted in his leg being broken at two places. He took more than a year to recover. The injury caused several hamstring problems for Dyer even after recovery.


Eduardo da Silva was playing for the Gunners against Birmingham City in 2008, when he was tackled by defender Martin Taylor. Taylor, trying to tackle Silva, struck his right foot against Silva’s left feet which was solid on the ground. Due to this, Silva had a broken fibula and open dislocation of the ankle. Eduardo was immediately sent to a hospital. He made a comeback a year later.

And NO1


Rewind to April 8, 1996, Coventry City clashed with football giants Manchester United at the Old Trafford. Two minutes into the game, Coventry City’s David Busst went into the box to score a loose ball into the net. While trying to do so, he was tackled by two Manchester United players, resulting in severe compound fractures of the tibia and fibula of his right leg. The injury was so horrifying that United goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, vomited on the spot and later required psychiatric help later.

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