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STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)

Author Topic: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)  (Read 4725 times)

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STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« on: September 11, 2016, 07:24:30 PM »

If you missed Part 1 read here=> STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART1)

Episode 11 ( Going The Spiritual way.. scoping the man of God )

Na the Fourth day be this ooo.

My guys don day ask me how far with the package, dem sabi say he no day take me long like this before parole go click.

Rokiatu no take me pass 2 days even almighty Ishilove na the first day we meet i chop am,na only tantalizers meat pie and Cold Fayrouz he cost me .why dis inchinbong own wan con different. Na ??.

I sha dey whine dem sey work is in progress ,then show dem our previous chats .dey sef dey nod day await result.

Me wey i no get myself..Na different foolish ideas just day come my brain..

Make i try my luck with this one.

The next day, I chop the concontion rice wey i cook yesternight, I no finish am as salt too much, i sharply do rub and shine, Wear my nigerian super eagles Jersey, jeans and timbaland.

Spray my Northerner perfume,rub damatol full my hair and set out to ichinbong's fellowship center.

As i dey waka go the side. Na different things day come my mind, me? Angel, Na me con turn person wey day waka about. dey struggle on top one babe? OK, no problem.

If no be something way make crayfish bend. Me to that kind ichinbong .

God sabi when last i don step my leg for inside dis church. The last time wey i con scout for babes. Na the first female usher i meet for door discourage.

How usher go wear blue top on top red skirt join am with yellow socks con finish any form of Attractiveness she suppose get with her pink beret? Later dem go full vigil say dem no see husband .. "" How you go see husband when your dressing be like person wey no sabi house to support for interhouse sports. Yeye dey smell

The person i meet for church nearly tear race comot on sighting me. Me i just bone face enter. Me i no see the guy blame because i don sabi the atrocities wey i commit .. As i day talk say the babes for the church no fine reach. i still manage tear deir three of their choir members including the much loved holy mary, choir mistress Sis blessing Ojai.

How the news take spread i no sabi till date ..The matter almost tear the church into two.But dat one na tori for another day.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2016, 07:37:38 PM »
Episode 12

Brother boo " The guy abi na man wey i meet for church greeted me. I look am from head to toe as he be like Stick man sweet inside hin Oversized shirt and Backo bag trousers.

" Am not a brother pls ".  i responded
" But brother.  sorry.  we are one body in. 
" ( Cuts in ) pls is pastor Seun around. 
" Pastor Seun ??
" No pastor lalasticlala. is he around jare " i said getting impatient
' Haa hope there is no probelm " he said.  he was Smiling all the time clearly ignorant of his delapitated brown dentition.

' Will you get me the man of God or will you keep me waiting.  Is that what the book of the lord taught you ??

No sorry sir, i will get him now.  He said. 

He beckoned to one sister in the blue shirt and red Skirt uniform and asked her to check the pastor in his office.

Omo that sister get yansh no be small.  on top all the wahala wey carry me come, i couldnt help but check out that sister basia as she walk enter pastor office.

" Haa brother boo.  i have a message
" Oga pls i dont want any message. 

Haa ok. The sister soon came back and gave a report that the pastor bin day pray for inside room and say he fit take like 2 hrs because na Special Week prayer he day pray today.  Haa which kind thing be this.

2 hours? Him day pray for the whole school ?? Wich kind level be this naw.   Ehn today na today.  I go wait.

People day enter day look me day shook head, me sef look dem back they shook head. 

" What's that thing on your face", Did you injure yourself " the backo trouser guy ask me. 
" Nothing to concern yourself with ," i responded.

The backo bag trouser guy dey look me sef day look am.   Look me i look you. Man no go wetin ------------- ( Fill in the gap ).

The concontion rice day make stomach sing Tonto dikeh songs since morning.  My guys be day call me for lectures, i no pick infact he reach one stage way i just switch phone off.   The hunger wey day gbab me plus the Kind eye people take dey look me reach make i vex comot the Church but no.  Am here for a reason.

Na on top the chair i be don sleep day dream of how i go take spend my 40k winning when i just waka comot from the sleep enter reality.  Haa 2hrs don nak. 30 minutes join am sef.

I look around for the Backo trousers guy i no see am.  Haha. I bin don day fear until i bin see the Guy day come inside with small small pikin speedy biscuit and purewater,they cr*ck the thing chop.

" you mind ". he said offering the speedy biscuit to me.

Dis one day craze. Na speedy biscuit day do me naw

" Please where is the pastor " he should be through by now " i said as calmly as i could.

" haa brother.  sorry.  dont you think you shld come back the next day.  I think he will

He will be kini? See i cant come back the next day oo.  I must see the man of God today.  Lai lai.

Even the people wey day read this tori wan sabi wetin i wan go do for the man of God side.

You con say make i come back the next day.  Next day kor.  days of the future past ni.  oga i no dey come back kan kan.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2016, 07:46:33 PM »
Episode 13 ( The Prophecy )

Ok calm down sir. am just playing with you.seeing that you are so moody.We are suppose to be happy in the house of the lord "" hehehehe.   " He said.

I just day look the man.  When he turn Basketmouth or Bovi wey dey cr*ck jokes.   No be your fault. Na wetin carry me come here.

You can now see the pastor.  in his office. He said as he beckoned o

At last. I standa slowly and Walked into the pastor Seun office.  I enter meet book for everywhere, i greet am.  The man no greet me.  He just use hand show me chair.  He was a new pastor. No be the one way day church be this during the s*x scandal.

Well done sir. 
Yes how may i help u
" I am boo
" Osin.  yes av heard about you. Like i said earlier how may i help you.?

Hmmn Sir i have a deep problem i will like to share with you sir.

Na so i start i start my formulated tori.  I tell am about my life.  How i take dey knack babes and everything and how i day live a sinful life.

I narrated amidst tears how i met God and received Christ.  and how i am now a new being in Christ.

I jump enter how i still single and how getting a life partner be don day cause me wahala for me all these days and how Av been praying to God for my own wife. and life partner.

The man just day look me.he no say a single word. me self day look ,hope say dis man day chop my lies sha.

Amid tears * ( so after all my troubles and travail Sir, i went for serious prayer). I narrate how on the 7th day of prayer, An angel in a white gown appeared to me.how i fell into a trance and the angel showed me a particular member of the church.  I was in a black blazers and had a ring in my hands.

The angel of the lord showed me a member of the church and lo and behold.before God and man. it was. inchinbong,dressed in a flowing white wedding gown.

I now look the angel and ask him " Angel of God. angel of God. what shall your son do with the lady before me verily.

. What did the angel say " The pastor finally spoke for the first time since i entered the office.showing his interest. His face was strong and Bold.

Sir,he told my she was going to be my wife.  He told me we are destined to be together. And i caught the blessing. it was So vivid and clear. Pastor, With a great deal of faith.i approached her to Tell her this but she didnt even give me chance to explain instead she slapped me.  . 

Is it only slap she slapped you? The man of God asked
" haa she insulted me too and warned me never to approach her again.

" She should have done worst.


" yes Mr boo. do you really think you can fool the lord's anointed.

i shock small ,but still managed to pull an answer

"No sir. i dare not lie.  It was shown crystal clear. What God has joined together.
" Get out of my office
" Sir. 
" i said Get out. Why you are really ready to turn new being. Come back for repentance and restitution.

" But sir what happened to the revelation of
Get out now before i open the gates of underworld on you. .  You agent of the devil.  We heard of your acts here and unless you trurly repent of your act. And what ever plan you have for the girl.Nemesis will catch up with u.

And indeed as he prophesied, nemesis did catch up with me.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2016, 07:55:51 PM »
Episode 14

I walked out in Shame from the church and Rather than go to class for lectures, i went back home. I have never been more disturbed in my life. Church wey she day go wey we think say we fit use enter the parole, that one no click.

My guy, Methylblack later called me that Two lecturers wey dey take two of our core courses fixed emergency tests that morning and threatened that anybody that was not around would carry over the course. Shior

i was least bothered about the Tests and the yeye lecturers. after all,one of dem na female lecturer wey i day tear at will..she go help me resolve that one abeg.

Ichinbong was on my mind throughout the night. I kept rolling up and down looking for ways to make this babe come and get my "Gbolaga". I couldnt sleep peacefully.

By the 5th day, I started reading up. I waka go buy MTN 50 naira card repay my former debt. con borrow MTN 100 naira join.use am buy 10 mb.

I was indoors all through as i had cancelled all form of visits from anyone that day.Not even Missnora way talk say she day come visit me fit make me change my mind. I had to brain storm. I only have two days left.

And i am too sure these guys would not Extend the time wey dem give me. Because me sef don follow two of them bet this kind thing before and i no give them any time extension as i chop their money, clean mouth.

So we no need go near weather dem go extend time or not.

I was in my room. Researching " How to meet a girl and make her visit you withnin two days ". Na yeye and unhelpful results Google just day give me.

I login enter Afriwap. Day read charlesnneji bang rules.all him posts and topics from A to Z na hin i read. I even go create topic "How to make a girl visit you at home. The insult wey i get i no fit forget till date. Shey na the yabbing from fred, vizkiz. or all these ladies i wan talk. Person wey yab my papa. person wey call me fool infact i later regret bringing up that kind topic self.

I called two of the most matured girls wey i don tear and ask dem wetin dem think say be my weak point and how i fit see any girl no matter how stubborn get. Both of them surprise for my question but all the advice way dem give me na hin i don try on top ichinbong. haha

Dat same day,i called one of my big Bros. Tosyne2much wey be like my mentor for all dis woman matter and package ,na still same same he give me again. Same,old method wey i don try.

I was so tired and frustrated. I went to Mama Peter store,bought 5 canned origins and one don simon. maybe if i drink am. wey i con high small, something go pop up.

I drink am reach 3rd origin bottle.Nothing came up oo. No idea whatsoever. Everything for Charles nneji. All dese "10 things to toast a lady. how to be a gentleman. Shior, Na all of dem i don try for this babe. he no work

Shebi na even babe wey give you listening ear all that one go work for. Ichinbong no even wan see me around her not to talk of See chance speak to am sef.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2016, 08:03:48 PM »
Episode 15 ( The Beginning of the End )

The call from one of the guys wey we bet, Profojah. Con further discourage me sef. The guy just be day use me laugh say i be fool. He kept telling me he knew i could never get the babe to visit me not to talk of tear am. Say people wey strong pass me ,even lecturers don try am,d babe no gree

" Choi . guy you better day use style gather 40k down before Saturday come oo. Shebi we tell you u no hear.  Better start selling your clothes small small or call your mama for house.  Guys go obtain you if you no get that money cos kingsley1000 and richommie don plan say na the money dem go use carry their babe go outing this Saturday oo.

He admonished seriously to start sourcing for the money. and sincerely i knew i had to start doing that. Friends matter no reach this one cos When i suppose free dem that time too.i chop the bet money without remembering Friendship.

Well.This has taught me that it is not everything a man will always get. F or the first time in a long while, i knelt down and prayed to God.  i just told him to take control. That was one of my deepest and most sincere prayer i ever prayed in my life.

Really i felt I needed God more than anything now especially after what the Pastor said to me yesterday. Tomorrow i go see if i fit wyne ma parents send me some money and whine some of my other babes dem. Collect money take pay my debt.

I drank the 6th bottle of origin,cooked some indomie and egg and watched the only Christian film on my system ' Gods not d*ad as i slept off

So you can imagine my surprise,when Ichinbong messaged on whatsapp the next day ". " HI".

"".  Hi ?"
I rubbed my eyes very well. Maybe na the effect of Yesterday origin still day shark me for body. I

" Ichinbong messaged me " Hi."Haha. i dey dream,  I go inside, carry knife use am tear my body small .no be dream oo.

Abi na previous chat.wey just day deliver .  I saved her number with " ichinbong 40k bet ". it was clearly Her. What could be the reason for this sudden change in her attitude. Abi na another Person she wan message wey the thing go mistakenly enter my phone?.

Make he no be like say i too rush answer the babe make she no con day feel like say i miss am.i intentionally delay like 30 mins before i reply.  To form boss small . I just reply am back in form of a question "" Yes .

The message no quick deliver? 15 mins go. 30 mins 1 hour pass. This girl must be mad. Abi na that her 2nd friend carry her phone take day message me.!!.Which kind rubbish be this. Shey dis girl wan day taunt me ni?

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #5 on: September 11, 2016, 08:18:23 PM »
Episode 16

After like 1hr pass and some minutes, the message finally delivered and almost immediately it delivered. i saw my phone ring .It was inchinbong 40k bet calling.

Make he go be say na that her friend or her younger sister dem. i go finish their Life with abuse ,con cut am.Wu get time for rubbish?

Lo and behold ,it was Ichinbong. I instantly recognized her sweet ,baby like and soul soothing voice. It was like ecstasy. A feeling i never felt before.

" Hello boo "

My mouth bin day shake. I no even sabi wetin i go take reply am. Any little mistake or Bleep up now,fit end chances pata pata.

" Hello"
" yes
" So you didn't want to answer me abi " she said jokingly
" No no. its not that.
' Ok "
" yea "

An awful silence enveloped the atmosphere for like 3 seconds

"I just called to apologize to u. I know i did wrong by all those treatment i melted to you. It was not like i hated you but i just dont know what came over me during that period."

I was dumbfounded. was dis Inchinbong really speaking? Abi she dialed wrong number ni?

" Sincerely i just dont know what came over me.But my pastor called me and brought me to order and i realized my mistakes.

Pastor Pastor nke.

Your pastor? I asked very surprised

" yes . pastor Seun. He called me and told me what i did was bad and adviced me to reach out to you. Will you be at home tomorrow?

Did i just hear " Will you be around tomorrow "?

" What " i asked as if i didn't hear what she said the First time.

" I said will you be around tomorrow. preferably around 6 30 pm .7pm time?

Haa. 630pm .7pm  who born me make i turn down wetin i don day have sleepless nights for. This is all have been striving for. offered to me on a platter of Gold.

" Ok"
" aww ,thanks dear"" . Will you whatsapp me tonight so we can talk more dear "

Na me ichinbong just day call dear dear so? Choi. My own don better"

" ok " i replied
" till then dear,once more am sorry "
" No problem. and i ended the call.

Everything that just happened was still like a Dream. What could be the reason for this sudden change in Ichinbong. Maybe she just sat down and thought of her mistakes. or maybe one of her friends talked to her.

No not a Friend. She said her pastor spoke to her and asked her to forgive me. Haha. What is not the Same pastor that disgraced me out of his office? pastor seun? Could he possibly have called Ichinbong to apologize to me after giving me such a bad treatment.? me I no understand oo .

Everything just seem to be falling into place without stress .

.Little did i know that i was counting down to my doomsday. shebi ignorant me no sabi say The thing wey day back of six, pass seven .

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2016, 08:27:33 PM »
Episode 17

I really could not understand what was really happening
All i sha knew was that Ichinbong was coming to visit me and my hopes of Tearing the babe and winning the 40k just gained weight.

By the time wey i reach school unfortunately i no see the babe contact.  My guys wey we gather bet don day use me day laugh, dey cr*ck jokes.  Kingsley sef dey tell me say how far with their money, sey i don ready am.

Hehe grin see Idiots. I just day look dem i just day smile. They no understand why i dey smile Choi. I just day pity their silly girlfriends wey day expect outing for Saturday. Make this guys better day prepare for break up from their babes.

Through out the class that day,i was just cracking jokes and i was so full of energy.  I heard people saying " wetin do this guy today".The energy was just in me. I bought things for people. i pay People's T fare, i was just feeling Fly. Super excited. That kind feeling wey merlin get wen he first kissed Freya , na hin i get that day.

I bin feel say make i go thank pastor Seun for hin contribution to the matter but i just later free the idea.No be man power jare, na Lord prayer. Na God do am, no man deserves credit for this miracle.

I got home happy and vibrant. I chatted ichinbong up till midnight. The Dam bottom girl was actually cool and friendly.  Tho i make sure say i no talk anything wey near s*x chat at all but dis girl actually got some naughty things up her sleeve.

She ask me if any girl don embarrass me like the way she embarrass me before. i talk no
She narrate how joke take spoil me for her face.  Me sef narrate how useless the babe day and we laughed over it.

she ask about my Gf which i tactically evade ( i for talk wetin i tell am but Some guys go day use am cruise babe about.i no go drop am. Oobi )

We kept on talking and talking. she no even give space before she day reply my message.i send now. 2 seconds she don reply.
 I described my address to her and she told me she wants me to cook rice down for her oo and buy her shawarma.

Shawarma?. Ichinbong. sharwama? Haa. Sharwama no go fit do you oo.Why you want shawarma,when i get better banana for here.

By 11 30 pm,i had to end the chat and wish her a good night rest. And she replied with Kiss and love smileys. Choi. This girl never sabi anything.She never sabi wetin go befall her.  Kiss and love. Green light toh bad

I slept heartily with Synord Otubante playing in the background and my manhood kept nodding with REFLEX ACTION in preparation for tomorrow 's LA liga match versus ichinbong.

Throughout that night i no balance, i just day change boxers anyhow.  I no fit wait make tomorrow come.

I get some many things i must to put in place before the babe come to ensure an unforgettable experience with Inchinbong babe

I just Cant wait for Tomorrow to *.I just cant wait. Tomorrow, the day inchinbong finally visits me. Make tomorrow do sharpaly abeg.
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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2016, 08:38:44 PM »
Episode 18

THE " the " DAY "!"

As next day reach like this, na around 5am i don wake up.  i no kukuma see the sleep sleep like that self .I see say he be like say morning never reach well, make i chill small.i go sleep back.

By the time wey 8 go knack, i don wake up. I wan use the Close up tooth paste .I see say he don finish .I use knife cut am into two.use the one wey remain inside brush mouth well.All the inner and all those corner corner teeth na hin i wash well as i no pity the Tongue sef.

I scrape the thing wella make i no con wan day kiss , make mouth day smell. After i finish The small close up, i con use the other Oral B toothpaste wey i get, use am brush mouth again.  If one toothpaste no work , d other go work.

After i brush finish.i used sponge and Dudu osun to scrub away every impunity and dirty dirty wey day for my body. Na almost 1 hour spend for bathroom. Any place wey i fit Scrub na hin i scrub. As i day scrub, dey baff, na hin i day sing Reminisce Tesojue laleyi, wafe Ku laleyi

Infact na the kind baff wey person wey day baff am go sabi say the baff wey hin day baff pass oda baff wey hin don dey baff before .

I shaved all the hair wey dey my body comot, both upper and lower region. Anything fit shele anytime, wey she go feel like licking the Stick sweet .

She fit go vex comot if na Mangroove Forest she go meet for there, i make sure say everything, clear like Sahara desert.  Na Reflex action .

Time no day today, i get plenty things i must get sharpaly .as soon as possible. 

I sharply go bank atm. i go withdraw the last 7 thousand 500 naira wey remain for the account. One guy wey day beg for transport fare go hin village, though nobody give am any money. i comot 500 wey day top, give the guy.

From there, i comot go market.

The First thing wey i bin buy na flowers, I buy flowers, I buy this poster abi na banner wey dem day put for wall for inside house

I specifically make sure say na the one wey dem day kiss and romance and half Unclad ladies in bikinis day na hin i buy. i buy 3 of that one.

I buy air freshener and better perfume, i buy hanger to arrange all my clothes wey i be no arrange and i buy Foot mat wey i go put for door as i bin no get any before.

After i reach house, i go Mama Peter Store, buy Viagra and two bottles of alomo. con use one leg branch iya shakira alagbo, na there i con buy 200 naira worth aleto, opa eyin.jedi jedi and Ato pa.

After i buy all this.i go Abigurl and Prettyjo pharmaceutical store and supermarket, go buy condom. Make she no day dey reason me cheap or local, i buy Original Durex condom.  .

He be like set everything don day set small small.

What of the rice wey she wan chop ?? I hustle go market back . Be like say I get rice for house, I just go buy fish. small meat, tomato, Maggi, ponmo and the rest wey i go use sama the girl better jollof rice. i just day sweat day pespire as i bin day jump from one okada to another.

Na there i meet one of my old padis, Edgyslim.

We greet. talk small and he talk say make he con sabi my house , say he get one big business way he wan involve me.

Today? oloshi. He no con fix better time, na, around 6 and 7 the (((Abusive word Blocked))) go fix again. Destiny destroyer, by the time wey my guy go talk say make he carry wetin hin buy and comot phone collect my number, i don tear comot.
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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2016, 08:50:50 PM »

I con start the cleaning proper, Comot bed, comot carpet, dust everywhere. comot cow webs,  comot all dirty dirty tins and everything. Clean the whole house proper.

The kind sweeping and cleaning wey i never clean since i packed in 3 years ago, na hin i give the room dat day.

I sharply wash the two Cottons, hang am for outside. As per say my bed don tear tear and the thing don soft. as usual i borrow foam from MrCork, put am under for more thickness. Con spray perfume for the bed sheet put am for there. Ehnn i think all is set now. All these while i never see a single thing put for mouth.

Everything don set. I don pack Spartacus.game of thrones and all dis Intimate movies full lappy incase she wan watch film. that one go ginger her up.

I was almost through with the cleaning when my phone ring. Na Mrs Akorowem day call. Na one of the Rich mamas wey i bin tear one tym be that. She be business woman and na even part of the money way she give me i use take rent the house i day live now sef. Tho she seldoms come to town, na Sexchat we day usually do most times and na her money wey she dey send i dey everly use maintain body for school.

She tell me say she be done text me, i reply say i no see am.

Well, she tell me say she was in town as usual for business and needed some " COMPANIONSHIP.

Choi. this woman day always spoil me silly anytime she come and at the same time a mad woman on bed. Wetin all dese small girls no fit do for s*x. she go do am

" Ma, u know its not a easy thing am doing.
" Yes boo. I know naa. See this time. the Business I came for went well. with enough profit
" But ma
" haha please dont call me ma. we have bin over this now.
" Ok. Mrs Akorowem
" ( sighs )
" See am sorry. i have
" No no. Dont say that now. Am already in the mood now.
" But ma. Am kinda
" Haa. please dont give me a No please. Am full already and no one here in this town. rocks my engine like you do.

" ma, try and understand. its not that
" Ok. u want an increase abi. i will pay You 150 thousand cash, if you come today.
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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART2)
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2016, 09:12:15 PM »

" ma

" Yes. 150 thousand cash. Baby just come now,u know dat our regular place now. Kinkymax hotel

" ma, 150 is too small.   Am taking risks here. i have a test naw.  See ,lets make it 200

" a test this saturday? 0k baby.  200? Deal?


please am waiting. Am dripping wet baby

" Ok ma. i will join you soon

" Haa say you will Bleep me baby

Which kind woman be this now.

" i will Bleep you ma "
" Aww baby. she moaned. Cant wait.

" Ok" i cut the phone.

200 thousand. just 1 hour of pleasurable work? 200k? haa.Even if i lose the bet self,i go see the money remove from the casb wey Mrs Akorowem go give naa. Shey na like this i no go con tear ichinbong, Wetin i wan tell am say happen.  where i wan tell am say i go.  250k?

Abi make I sharply go come back?

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