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STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)

Author Topic: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)  (Read 8382 times)

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STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:26:41 PM »



LAST WARNING "!!"" ( Various Signs)


No jare. i no go go Mrs Akorowem syd jor. Now it is not about the money anymore. it is about reaping the labour of my fruits.  sorry reaping the Fruits of my labour I mean.

The thing i don suffer because of this girl don too much for me not to tear her. Forget the bet,it is even an achievement for me personally and an added catch to my list.

Choi,i no fit forfeit Ichingbong kpetus for 250 thousand jor. Besides sef,Mrs akorowem na my personal padi. I go beg am ni. She no kuku fit do without me. i go go meet am for Sunday.

She no go vex nani oo. Make she day use cucumber or canned bottle day occupy till. i *.

After all i no fit leave tight kitten Like Ichinbong own.go day sweat on top two way express road wey mrs aporowem call Toto.


Its Around 4 30 pm. I talk say make i just Stroll small ,make i no too day anxious and calm my nerves down con come back for the action later today.

I just stroll Go mama peter side.  Make i go chill Small. Na For dere ,My mama call me.

All the Seven thousand and 500 naira wey i bin invest ( abi na waste we go call am ) today on top Inchimbong, Na Monday of this week,my mama send am give me. 

My mama no too day call me long like that cos na errytime ,she no day get credit but today,she spent almost 10 mins.  wetin happen today. ??

She greeted me and Asked whether i don see the money.  i reply say since Monday.  She ask how many studies be. i tell am fine.
" Boo"
" Yes ma"
" Boo"
" Mama boo am here. o
Boo. how many times I call u
" 3 times mama
" Boo. pls i beg you ,my mind is not at rest.
" haa ki lo shele mummy "
" Please beware of the company you keep in school.

( here goes the sermon again " - i thought to myself)

." please dont indulge in acts that will tarnish your image and mine.You know since your Father di*d.  bla bla bla bla.

I have heard you ma. i will behave myself.
" don't keep late nights
" haha.  mummy you av credit oo
" tor. dont forget to go to church tomorrow. you know.

" I will ma. bye bye. 

Chai. Women talk talk.  So na Wetin she call me for be that.!!". Na prayer make she day pray for me, all this advice she day give na F9

5 15pm. Make i day rush go house back go cook rice.


I reach house around 5 30pm to find Evegran sitting in front of my room, Crossleg day shine teeth. Haha.  is this girl OK ??

' Haha evegran, what are you doing here "

The mumu girl just day smile gimme me. E be like say this one no sabi wetin day sup.

" Calm down naa boo " Evening "
" i said what are you doing here "

" haha. ok oo. I was just passing by to see one of my friends and i said i should branch'

" Branch to do what? Did you call me before you came here " i was shouting at the top of my voice. Wetin go happen if this inchinbong meet this idiot here now.

" Haa calm down now. Stop acting like a baby " Ok lets go in and sort things out.

" You and who. Evegran abi potatochips or whatever you call yoourself. oya start leaving. see come back on monday ehnn. i will be around and ready for you. 

" I came to visit you and you are sending me away. just like that" she said,tears forming in her eyes.

" No please. Just come back.  Its not like that. i will explain better later.just leave, see take 100 naira for bike "

" Boo. i dont need your money " Her countenance changed. 

" Ok just leave

" Boo.i loved and showed you all my affection. I wanted your attention and love but you just slept with me and left me like like. 

" Will you start telling history 101 lesson here or will you leave.

" Boo.  God will judge. God will judge.  You promised me love but u. God will judge u.

Will you leave you wrench. i never enjoyed you once.Ur kpetus wey be like community well.See as your toto water day drip everywhere for here. ,.Get out of this place and never come back again.  " i said Furiously.

I didn't say another word before she started moving out with tears in her eyes and as a nice guy ,i escort her out small make she no go lost for road because her reflex action don weak small.

Na as i escort am small , i see Ichinbong day drop for Okada. Thank God say i no escort this Dam far or allow her stay much oo, yawa for don bust.

By the time i go check the 100 naira i suppose give am,the idiot girl don somehow somehow don take the money, use am carry okada. The (((Abusive word Blocked))) go spoil person mood for person.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2016, 09:44:03 PM »


I could see the reaction way day ichinbong face when she bin see the babe dey climb okada with tears in her eyes but wat me i was more inclined to see ,was the dress she was wearing.

Even the okada man no wan gree make she climb down as she day use her firm bosom chook the man for body.. As the girl drop.the okada man open mouth at the Size of the ikebe, smile wen he see say i dey look am .con give me thumbs up join.

Lol. werey man..Hin face wan resemble luorquay own small.

" Hi " i said smiling .....My heart don day beat fast.

" Hi" am sorry am a bit late " she said
" No ...this is just...( pauses) i mean..This should be around 5 55 ..you are even fve minutes earlier.

" Ok oo " She said ..
" Hope you didnt go through stress getting the description

" No oo.Not at all.Thank God i saw you when i dropped.

Ok. its just right there. I said pointing to my house

Na so we begin day waka go my syd .Omo forget oo..The dress wey dis girl wear show say she mean business..

The top no too bad as the thing package the Pointy Twin towers well but the Skirt na die ..choi.. The Yansh con curve inside am.The thing big pass Agnes and Tookz own.. o. The thing just day shout squeeze me,Bleep me,hold me, * in me.

As we day waka. Na hin i day struggle with my Gbola..The thing day raise head..Day raise head.. Haha ..it is not yet time naw. i rebuke you in Jesus name. I dey use hand dey try suppress am.the thing wan day orubebe..
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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2016, 09:55:36 PM »


Did you notice that girl that was crying ". She asked
" Which girl " I said still struggling with my " Jaguar"
" The one that took the okada when i dropped. it seems she was coming from this your compound oo. Abi is this not your compound " She said pointing to my compound.

" No. I dont know so.I dont think its from this place.maybe that other side. surely not our compound.  " i said.

" Ok. And maybe it was her boyfriend that broke her heart oo". she said jokingly .

And We all laughed inside. Am not sure but i think she saw the bulge i was struggling with in my trousers and carried her eyes away.
I don dey carry babes come my house e don tey but today .even the gate-man, TonyeBarcanista. self sabi say . hun hun . Na big fish be this.
Choi " Oga welcome oo
" Thank you .  I could literally see his eyes trailing Ichinbong's Massive Backyard .

" Hello" She greeted the gate-man
" Welcome ma".
" Wow. i must say you got a nice home. very serene
" Thanks i said.  As i opened the Door and beckoned on her to come in.

" Oga " the gate-man bin day jump. day make funny faces,con day use fingers demonstrate things.

" Shii. If anybody ask.
" You no day at home.  Boda Boo don go night class wahali.
" Nice one. 

My heart dey run fast pass usain bolt own.  is about to happen. I kept telling myself calm down. Calm down. Its not your first time. Make your preek go down.  Relax.Relax. Boo relax.

I stood outside the door a little bit make my python face down small.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2016, 10:04:40 PM »

As a Sharp guy, i don carry all the chair wey person fit sit down comot, so no option for her than to sit down on the bed. I make sure say my phone day my hand cause na hin i go use record when the girl they call my name as i day Bleep am.

" So, Here we are " I said. clearly not knowing how to start.

I could see she was still accessing the Room. Her eyes caught the semi Unclad posters and she reacted with a Smile. Ghen Ghen Ghen ghen.

The smell of Airwick and thick spray filled the room.

" You have got a nice room " She smiled after carefully examining the house.

" Lol. the compliments are getting too much oo. i said. still unbalanced.

" Ehn. i assume your room is so neat like this because i was visiting u.

" Haa no oo. my room is always neat

" Lol if i hear, your room day always neat. I assume flowers day always day your room too abi. "'.

We both laughed again. Everything seem going well.  Baba God i thank you oo.

" Haa there is heat oo " I said
' hummn maybe because we are coming from outside ". she replied.
" Hah ok. pls give me One minute let me On the Gen.

I went outside to Switch on The Gen. .

Ikrakakaka kakakaka. i switched am on the first time, the thing no on

Ikrakakaka kakaka. the thing no on. I don on fuel tank and everything. On am the Third time the thing no on,. God punish devil, no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, The Lord na my Shepherd i shall not want.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2016, 10:08:44 PM »
Episode 25

I sharply go call my gate man,TonyeBarcanista.

Oga, Na fuel no day the tank oo.

Jesus. why i no check this thing since morning.Luckily,d guy get fuel for hin motorcycle wey we quickly collect through hose.pour inside plus the Five litres wey he don buy say he wan pour inside hin bike. We pour that one too.

Oga barca no worry.i go pay you the fuel and service money eh.  Go back to the gate and no peeping around. Thanks eh. God go bless you too.

No probelm oga. wahali. Oga easy ooo.

.  Na hin finally on the thing for me.  Devil don fail.For the Lord will not forsake his anointed.

I sharpaly rush inside back. Make i no day keep the girl waiting.

" Sorry for keeping you waiting "
" No probelm. Don't tell me it is because of me you are going through all dese stress "
" Haha.  no oo You are worth.  So what do you want to eat now"
" Where is my rice. ?? She asked

" Haha am very sorry.i was So tied up today
" You lie. abi you dont know how to cook ??
" Its not so ooo. 
" Okay. 

We started talking and then she apologized for her previous behaviour to me. i also apologized for mine.

" So have you forgiven me naw " she asked
" Yes " i said.

A period of awkward silence followed and i had to quickly chip in something.

" Oh sorry i didnt On the Fan " I said after the whole apology and forgiveness session

" Seriously.we didnt even feel the heat any longer lol"

I on fan.  on fan.  fan no gree work. Emusmith no do shishi for the fan body. And the Guy collect 2500. choi. Emu.  The thunder wey go fire u.still day do reflex action.

Is not working " She asked
" Ahhhh.  I think.I think ( still trying to on it).  well i think so. i finally said
" just open the Windows. abeg. she said

Haa time down day go, wetin day happen now.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #5 on: September 11, 2016, 10:16:47 PM »

" Let me Give you something to drink at Least. 

Me wey i no get time,i don spike the Five Alive with sleeping agent since morning as Plan B. Make d babe drink am sleep ,make i sharply Bleep jare.  which kind level be this.??

" Hmnn Jesus ".
" Wat " i asked . a bit scared.
" i have a bottle of lacasera i bought and i have not even opened it yet .The five alive you said just made me Remember that "
" Ha .But i bought d five alive for you now
" Haa Boo am sorry. Maybe i didn't tell you that i dont really like five alive .
" Should i now throw it away ". i asked .
" you can always drink it now. oh you have even opened it. She said on seeing the Five alive.
" Yes naw.
" Am sorry let me take my lacasera. abi you want me to throw away my lacasera ni ?? .

Plan one fail.  I go on the Stereo player. The first jam wey i play na Tobe "WICKED". at least to make d girl head swell small while the Red Bulb Blended perfectly with the atmosphere.

" Who sang the song " She asked
" One famous guy like that for Afriwap" I responded
" Please Next d song and change to another song " She said without remorse.
" Why. you dont like it. ??

The girl no respond.

Tor . Dis one wey she no talk, make i no day find wahala or do anything wey go make her vex. i comot d Disc ,put my blues and romantic collection insyd. James Blunt,Sam Smith ,all dis songs wey fit induce person to sleep na hin just day play.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2016, 10:22:57 PM »

I just want to watch the Last two episodes.  I want to know what happened between Yang shi ku fu and Ari o la kan sang. . . It really getting tense.  The suspense in the last episode is too much.  " She said happily as she fixed her gaze on the System.

Throughout the First episode, my mind no day the film. Na her Yansh wey dey beside wey i just gaze upon, day my mind throughout. Oh God. this is everything before me naw.  Angel.  why you day do like Virgin like this. First episode pass, I no see anything do.

" put the Second episode. Oh my God ,i cant wait " She screamed excitedly.

She just day hit my body when she dey laugh.Or make she use shoulder hit me.The viagra and alomo don day 87 percent active for my body. If i no do something now,and this girl escape, i fit run mad ooo.

Na already 9pm be this.  If we finish dis episode, the girl fit day go house. Who i go call come to con take my banana. ??

" Haa they will soon end episode two now "" look at Yeong Cho yan face" She said Laughing

No be Yeong cho yan face be my probelm now,na how i go ' Fuc yourn Yansh " be my concern.

Dem go soon finish episode two oo. I cannot go and come and labour in vain.A man must always be a Man.

A man gats act fast.

A man will only die once.

I rather try and fail than not to try at all.

He who sees a Nicki minaj yansh lying beside it and cant make a move,surely cant make heaven - ClassCaptain 2015.

i could no longer hold my hardened " Gbola. The viagra and agbo were now in 100 percent.


So help my Lord" i prAyed as I systematically move my hand go her bosom syd.


My hand touch the thing,she no talk. my heart was beating fast.  Maybe she think say na Mistake. or she was too engrossed in the movie.  Again,i held it.This time, i made sure i held it more firmly. 

Na dis time she con pause the Film.  Space button.  pam.

My heart day beat fast. pa pa pa pa. eeh,shey i never bring trouble on top myself so ?? I stylishly withdrew my hand
She looked me straight in the eyes, kept her firm gaze on me.

" what took you so long " " She finally said with a smile on her face.
" What " I asked, startled beyond imagination yet relieved at the same time.

" She moved closer to me,curled her hands around my neck and brought my hands to her waist.  I could feel the beads around her waist line as she sat her massive yansh on my erect Gbola "

" huuu '' i moaned as the Softness of the yansh chemistrified itself with my blood filled Gbola ,which in turn resulted in giving me immense pleasure.

' You see" She said as she used one hand to move the Laptop to the floor and the other to caress my head as her firm bosom laid seige to my face,soft like a pillow and roaming freely from my nose to my mouth.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2016, 10:27:32 PM »

Am a Practical girl, If you want me,u get me. u make a move " she said As she untied my belt ,putting her fingers in her mouth and rolling it across my chest.

" All the Semi half Unclad banners,and all, You really think i dont understand?? What do you take me for . boy ?? She said as she giggled seductively.

God !" I was in cloud nine. My erect gbola kept pushing her yansh up yet the weight of the yansh as she slowly grinded it on my preek made it balance on it like icing on cake.

I placed my Hands on her boobs and grabbed it like the way A Lady grabs her Teddy bear.

" Oh boo " She moaned.  i sharply remove her top while she placed her hands across my shoulders and the other hand on my laps as she twerked her yansh away on my preek.

" Baby am gonna take care of you today " Huh.
" Yea baby"
" Can you talk dirty to me " " She asked
" Of course.
" Huh she moaned as i finally removed her White push up bra leaving the Pointy dangling towers to my face. Hehe . Dis is bwests, not dat milkless, slippers of a mammalian glands wey eveglan was Punishing me.  with.

" Oh Slap my bottom . slap my bottom. 
" Who am i to disobey my Lord. I gave that mountain of bottom a Resounding slap. Infact all my pains and suffering na hin i channel to that slap.

Oohin " she shouted.  i no sabi weda na the slap pain am or na the pleasure.Either way. i slapped that bottom life comot.

I nibbled on the bosom like a rat for a while while she kept rocking my boat.  Gosh.i needed to penetrate right now.

I slowly pushed her off ,Stood up and hurriedly remove my jeans and trousers . She also stood up and went straight to the Stereo player to continue playing the songs as she increased the volume of .the Weekend 's Often as it played in the Background.

I hurriedly picked up my Durex condom and was still struggling with tearing the pack when she Turn Back and saw my Gbola pointing to the North.

" Oh my She screamed on sighting my Instrument of massive destruction.

Oh my. she screamed as she walked closer and Knelt down before " The Master Stick ".  She collected the Condom i day struggle with and threw it on the bed.

My own body was shaking and vibrating as i felt her hands fully but gently on my gbola"

She rubbed her hands all over as i stood and ran my hands through her hair at the same time scooping her benevolent bosom.

Next was the taste of her lips on my rooster. oh my God. She just had this technique i have never see before. She first licked intervally .running her lips through the tip.

Oh my God. She now balanced her tongue on my preek cap,and swallowed the whole package.Sucking it in and out like a lollipop.

it was Hard to believe Dis was the same Fellowship, Fiery Fire Spitting Ichinbong.  here she was, speaking in " Tongues" In my room.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2016, 10:30:28 PM »
What happens the Next Morning. How really did this Visit change my Life?

What is the relationship between Pastor Seun and Ichinbong.. ? Was he d one who actually told inchinbong to apologize to boo ??

 What exactly brought about d Connection between Mrs Akorowem and Ichinbong .

.How on earth ,did d collaborative effort of Mrs Akorowem and Ichinbong led to d Total damage of Boo' s and his promiscuous life style.

what about d Bet? Will his guys let him go Scot free ?? Did Boo even eventually get to even sleep with ichinbong self?

wetin con end Boo life self. .

All these and more in the Episode Finale " CONNECTIONS ,APPEARANCES AND RESOLUTION

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2016, 10:37:30 PM »

Gobbling. eating. licking and swallowing.

 blood flowed all over my body down to my hard preek, as she ate my hotdog together with my balls ,licking and dreeping saliva on the little hairs left here and there on my manhood.

Haa.  This Girl was going to make my * and we never even start the main thing sef. i pulled out my heavy preek from her mouth and helped her up on her feet as i carressed her yansh. 

and i unzipped The skirt zip,and slowly moved down the skirt as Her hands were kept busy, handling and rubbing my " Gbola".

She was just doing everything like a Pro.i could swear she would pass for a Adult  movies Star.

The Skirt now day down. I was. left with her pants. White in colour.  I guessed she knew and prepared her mind down for something today because all dis sparkling white bra and pants, Na so e dey neat reach on a normal day. Shior

I Dipped my index finger into her wet pants and Voila. " The Kitty-Cat was tight as poo ". I rhythmically Put in my fingers,going deeper and manourevering for the Gpot at the same time ensuring that i followed slowly , the pace of the background music as She put her hands across my shoulders, giving her bosom a resting place on my chest. 

" Hand me dat".  i said breathing heavily.

She picked the Condom from the bed and gave it to me.   She then went back on the bed and laid down.  Her Two legs up in the air, showcasing her creamy Treasure island ready for immediate Penetration activity.

I was just putting on the Condom when i heard heavy
Shouts outside the Gate, that must be from the other compound.  I balanced the condom on my preek. The Noise Increased.

" Whats that " She asked as she got up from the bed.
" No oo " Dont mind.  Must be the other compound '. I said as i moved closer to her to penetrate.

" No wait.  That noise is increasing oo " She said.

"madam ,i said he is not at home"
" Haa Barca,let me Check now! why are u Behaving like this. 
" Madam.  I no fit lie u. 

She dipped her hand into her bag and handed 2 thousand naira to him.

" Madam. but
" Just take. Take.  Shebi i will just check

" But madam.  haa madam. he said as he collected the money.  Madam be Careful oo. oh madam naa"

'Madam. be careful oo.  Madam.  ehh.   yet he didnt stop her from moving forward as he pocketed the money in his pocket.

. That voice belongs to nobody else but Madam Akorowem? Barcanista had betrayed my trust. Despite helping me with the Gen and fuel, He still betrayed me cos of 2 thousand.  i told him to specifically ensure no one comes in to see me.

Barcanista was her boy,give him some money and he will start singing your name like a bird.

What the Bleep is Mrs Akorowem doing at my place around 10:40pm in the night.  Is this Old Cargo that Hot ?? what the Bleep ??.   How the Bleep did she get pass the Vigilante at this time of the night.  ??

" What is happening " ichinbong jumped up scared,  She rushed and picked up her pants and Skirt.

Wait naw ".  God which kind thing be this.  Again

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #10 on: September 11, 2016, 10:52:58 PM »

I had just innocently described my address for this Dam during one of our s*x chats back then .Never knew she could still have that address or even go to d extent of tracing me home especially at dis time of d night..10 30 pm?

I was confused and Scared at the same time My preek witnessed an immediate economic depression as it shrunk back to its natural state.

. As the Devil will have,my brain no even go near say make i lock door.. At least if she knock knock knock, by d time wey morning reach,she go leave or pata pata i go call some people on phone make dem con carry am comot. Not locking the Door was a Big mistake i made.

She busted into the house and there i was Stark Unclad and beside me, Ichinbong in her pant and bra.. The song, danger by psquare was playing from d stereo in d Back ground..

" Ichinbong " ..She asked.., startled on sighting the strange lady in my room.

" Aunty" ichinbong replied..

haha. wetin day happen..I thought to myself
" My God... mrs akorowem said as She dropped her bag. Ichinbong was this what you were sent to do?

He he he..

Aunty.. So is this how you do your business whenever you come this side. too. oh oh?

no wonder you no day tell anybody wen you day town? .Is that wat you Tell Papa chimobi wen u....

So they are related. Abi wat is all this happening. i stood there. looking.! Baba God,  what have i gotten myself into.

Still very much stunned, She questioned what Ichinbong was doing in my room and sharpaly, ichinbong sef replied her why she day ask DAT kind stupid question ..

" No .. we are just having a photo shoot ..are you as blind as you are daft?

" So boo...it is because of this thing.u left me, all alone in my hotel room,?? what did you ever want that i didnt give you ..u ungrateful (((Abusive word Blocked))) "" ..Mrs akorowem complained bitterly, tears beaming up in her eyes

" Eh eh ...wetin be all dis talk naa?? I no blame u..na everybody for house sabi say you be grade 1 ashaewo ..

boo I trusted you ....i never wanted to give you a chance. i never knew you were dis evil...And the holy spirit warned me...

shut up ichinbong, you harlot before i shut it up for you " Mrs Akorowem roared,her eyes were pure red.

" Aunty community dog, you too shut up " you too shut up "
..She replied..

" Me "
" yes you. what will you do?

In no time, the two began to fight. I tried my possible best to try and Separate the two but it all proved abortive. i was still trying to wear my Trousers and see if i could call for help outside

when Angry mrs Akorowem, got her hand on the knife i left on d passage floor and plunged it suddenly, right into Ichinbong's Heart.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #11 on: September 11, 2016, 11:00:44 PM »

I watched as She fell to the Ground and the blood gushed all over her white bra.  Her hairs flowing as her mouth gasped for breath while mrs akorowem watched on,unmoved.

Her hand placed on her chest, blood gushing out as her eyes felt weary,she could see her life flashed through her.face.

She turned her face to me,she was trying to mutter some words but blood was all that came out.  She kept opening her mouth. trying to speak but it was too late. All she could do was mumbling.

" What have you done ". i screamed Aloud. as i watch ichinbong struggle in deep pain in her last moments on earth.  If anybody told her she would die today,she would have probably laughed it off.

" YOU MANIAC. !!!!!. i screamed as i approached mummy akorowem. with my veins all stretched and an amazing super strength fueled by my inate anger I never felt before.

. But Rather than back down, The s*x hungry,psychopath, Mrs Akorowem Used the Knife and Made A Deep slash across my face. She was Definitely aiming for my neck but somehow i managed to evade her.

This woman was incredibly strong as i struggled to collect the Knife from her, blood dripping from the Torn flesh in my face. We struggled all around the room for like 2 minutes,.

At the end i was able to Get the Knife from her.

She looked on in defeat.  I had the choice to simply let her go or just knock her out but no,i felt the Deep cut she made across my face. it was Deeper than i thought. i could feel the inner skin of my body. 

I was actually going to knock her out when again she ran to attack me and collect the knife again.

" You Dam " I am going to kill You"

". And Gbam.  I plunged the knife into her Abdomen as her intestines spilled out of her body.

she Held me as she fell to the ground and i kicked her bitchy hands away from me.   

" i.  i.  lov.... vve.  she murmured as she went down.

Blood Dripped from my Knife and also from my slashed face.  2 d*ad bodies. One living person. The Music track, Double wahala" by OritseFemi blasted from the Stereo.

TonyeBarcanista on his part,had rush to get the Stupid Vigilantes who allowed mrs akoworem in despite her coming after the curfew time, (probably after she bribed dem).

He rushed out to get them when the Fight and shout between Ichinbong and Akorowem was Getting two much for him to bear.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #12 on: September 11, 2016, 11:10:06 PM »

The vigilante came in right after i had just Remove the Life out of Mrs Akorowem..

" Oga ... he shouted on sighting the gore and blood in the room..

" Ju obe owo sile..( Drop the Knife )... The chief vigilante,Passingshot shouted as he pointed his dane gun at me.

Many thoughts crept through my mind at that  moment as I could not hold the tears in my eyes..Should i just end everything and take my own life ....Is this the end of everything ?? My life ?? My education ?? what will happen to my mother ?? What will....

" Mo ni ko gbe Obe owo sile ki to fi ibon fo ori ( i said ..drop the Knife now or i will shoot you ....) - PassingShot roared again..

" Haa oga..Drop it oo..pls "

I dropped the knife in surrender .the cut on my face more painful than underworld..i put my hands behind my back as the other two vigilantes.,Tomtom15 and nacosprof,came in and tied my hands with their locally made handcuff that  came with a Padlock and a Key..

" I did it in self Defense "...I said... as they led me out.

" Gbenu e soun ( shut up) You murderer You killed two people in self defense... I always knew that the way you were living your life.,Sleeping with black today, yellow tomorrow .you will one day get yourself in trouble.

And truely the Night Guard had warned me on several occasions when i came to the house late in the night with different girls , to desist and repent of my ways..

" You see i was once like u...Dat is what led me to my present state " ..I know what am saying wen i tell you to stop ".. You will regret it " - He would always say and narrate how he was every girls dream and all that.

But i never took his words serious as i always thought it was the words of a Drunkard.

" Listen to me " ....i tried to Give an explanation.. but the Next thing i got was a Slap on my fore head.. I think the slap was enchanted because i could not say, know or Comprehend anything till we got to the Police station that midnight as i kept doing and following as they commanded while Barcanista and the Other vigilante took care of the Bodies at home..

Meanwhile, all through out this period, My phone at home was on Audio record.

I thought of escaping twice from detention,but it was of no use, with this scar on my face,i will surely be caught again..

 It was During the Court Session that i fully knew that Mrs Akorowem was the First daughter of Ichinbong Father but they were not related by mother.. .Mrs akorowem mother was the First wife and Inchingbong mother was the 2nd wife.

.Ichingbong was the only daughter and child of her Mother just like i am the only child of my mother too.

Sometimes I put the blame on their mothers..All this poo was predestined ?? It could be as a result of their Two mothers rivalry and plan to use juju to kill each other's children that led to their own untimely death but The Devil just had to use me as the channel.

Ichibong mother was admitted to a psychiatric home for treatment due to incoherent statement and behavior and Her Father, who actually forsaked her and her mother when she was actually alive and never really cared for them,swore that i was going to Die by hanging and get justice as i deserved.. He was a Lawyer ( SAN) and surprisingly, very connected and powerful.

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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #13 on: September 11, 2016, 11:26:20 PM »

My mother hustle helter skelter,left, right,center just to get some money and got me a Good lawyer, Barrister Andyblaze ( ESQ) as my counsel and the case kicked off officially.

. ..Kudos to my Mother..May God bless her and every other mother out there like her. Despite warning me seriously that night, sending me open heavens every morning on whatsapp and counselling me.

Struggling to get me the best no matter what even when she never got a single thing for her,even when she had to do dehumanizing things,even though it wasnt easy for her and she was constantly praying and warning me to keep off bad company but i didn't listen to her and discarded her " Old school advice " thus bringing shame and a disfigured face back to compensate her for all her efforts.

. My mother still showed a great deal of support and care ,i never imagined i could get from her. ..She was like a Jesus beside me.. ..She was my strength.. infact she was a god to me.

My love of God and admiration for her got deeper during this trying time.

I could not but weep when i saw Mrs Akorowem three young kids,The Oldest was just 14. I felt immense guilt and pain anytime i heard news about those kids..How i wish i could reach out to them. and tell them that it wasn't my fault. i never planned to hurt their mother and That i am now a changed person..

I hope they dont know the circumstances behind their mother's death and if they know, i hope they forgive Because it is now that she is gone, they will truly know her value.




A lot of people were called as witnesses to come and shed more Light on the case and also testify against me by the Prosecuting counsel, Safarigirl.

The night guard and Chief Vigilante, PassingShot Testified against me and swore that i killed the ladies as they met me with the knife and blood all over me when they came in.His two other vigilantes, Tomtom15 and nacosprof also affirmed this.

He further added that i was very much capable of such MURDER from his interaction and experience with me.


Pastor Seun was called upon and also testified that truely ,he called ichinbong to apologize me..He said he asked her to do this as a Good Christian and move on with her Life but never adviced or told her to visit him in anyway or kickstart a sexual relationship with me.

He also rounded things up also that i was Capable of killing ichinbong as i was an unbalanced,cold hearted and unrepentant sinner who deserves to ROt in underworld without Salvation and that even God wont forgive me.

He stated that day,how he was also about developing and building a godly relationship with Inchinbong before her untimely death . He wept out of the witness box that day.


My guys wey we gather bet where surprised to see my fine boy face had been destroyed and surprisingly, all of them testified against me that i killed the girls..One even said i was a Cultist and told him secretly that i was going to kill two Ladies in order to renew my jazz and power..

..God ..So these guys could actually be this bad. no true friends anymore. i wept as they made known their own account of the incident.



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Re: STORY: How A Girl's Visit To My Room Changed my Life (PART 3)
« Reply #14 on: September 12, 2016, 09:42:21 AM »
what was your jail term, were they able to find your phone in other to know what really happened in the house..nice story....


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