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Lil Ginius On Meet Up Session With Ayomide Johnson.

Author Topic: Lil Ginius On Meet Up Session With Ayomide Johnson.  (Read 2797 times)

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Lil Ginius On Meet Up Session With Ayomide Johnson.
« on: January 27, 2015, 07:13:22 PM »

Today On Meet Up Session With Ayomide Johnson. We Meet Up With An Upcoming Artiste Who's Been Doing It For A While And Then Stepped On Brakes And Now He His Coming Back To Hit Us All Hard With His Mixtape Album.

I've Got Lil Ginius Of Pat Entertainment Sitting Right Here Next To Me. Wad Up My Hommie Ginius.

Lil Ginius: I'm Good Man, hafa nah?

Interviewer: I dey your side bro. nothing much, * Laughs*. Can you please introduce yourself to us.?

Lil ginius: I am Aluko oluwatosin olawale by name. Lil ginius is my stage name, I'm from Ekiti state born into the family of four. First and only son. That's me.

Interviewer: Okay, so tell us Been a rapper in Nigeria where we have lots of singers making wave and money. Why rap? Why do you rap?

Lil ginius: Like they say all fingers are not equal and there is something my friends mom will always tell me that "All mallam with his own kettle". That means we all have something we hold on to. I'm a rapper because i am a rapper, no strings attached its what i love doing, its the best way of expressing my self, you no understand.? *Smiles

Interviewer: So what as the journey been like so far?

Lil ginius: its been great apart from money playing with my feelings *Both laughs*
Its been hardwork, the journey so far as been worth it, the weight. even if its not paying off yet. We'll get there cause ultimately its Gods plan and we will get there.

Interviewer: What are some of the challenges you've been facing so far? Ones that you will always remember even after the money comes.?

Lil ginius: Challenges plenty oh, but the current one is trying to balance what everybody is thinking or everybody wants to hear cause when in the studio you have to channel your thought to what the majority wants to listen to so as not to isolate some from what you're trying to give them, there are lots of challenges but that's like the recurrent one. Cause you have to think about that when writing songs for instance now Shoki is reigning should i do shoki too. *Laughs*  And money is also a  major challenge for underground artistes i don't have to say that everybody knows.

Interviewer: Mr Ginius we were all happy when you came in with some tracks and we were expecting so much more from you and then all of a sudden you went AWOL can you talk to us about that?

Lil ginius:  I get this questions like always. The thing is we all have issues, for a year plus i've been off and lot of tweets, calls , mails came in asking what's happening and some even went further saying i disappointed them but the thing is for that period i had issues with my label. But its all settled now and we're good. I do hope my fans give me a second chance.

Interviewer: Sure they will the question is hope you won't be leaving again?

Lil ginius: Leave again ?? The industry no be my papa house now i can't just be leaving and coming. I had issues then but now am back and concerning this i will be dropping a song asking for a second chance before the mixtape album drops. In few weeks time anyway. Anticipate.

Interviewer: Its like you are back for real, I love the spirit. We will be expecting that. Now can you tell us briefly about your mixtape album.

Lil ginius: The mixtape album. Wow its been a nice journey its all about me, the hustle, struggle and pain. The victory that's coming after it. That's why I called it Married To The Game. So many artistes i worked with. Different display of skills and talent. Its an album for the old, young, rich, needy, sick, strong. No matter who you are or going through you will find a track for yourself on this mixtape album.

Interviewer: So tell us since you said you worked with different artistes. Can you tell us some of them and ones you tried working with but didn't work out?

Lil ginius: I worked with my label mate (Cypha_DL) on some tracks he appeared on about 4 tracks. Ola dips, Jo papi, Dm Jazzy, Brainiac, Blaqbonez also would be on this, working on that currently anyways. The tracklisting will also be out anytime from now and concerning people that were supposed to be on the album. That would be Vector, Boogey, Soft and Adol. We tried working something out but it didn't plus big s/o to vector tha viper he is a real bro. Can't thank him enough tho but they are all bunch of talents and I'm still going to work with them. Much more after the album drops.

Interviewer: You are wetting our appetites already. We will be expecting this album soon is there any fixed date yet?

Lil ginius: No actually but its on the third month(April) of this year. I will be putting out about 3 tracks before the final release of the album. The wait is going to be worth it. Trust me.

Interviewer: Okay final question. You got into a tweet fight with Yung6ix concerning his tweet about been the best in Nigeria. But he retweeted  one of your tweet early this year about the mixtape album. What's up with that Mr Ginius?

Lil ginius: Nigerians sha you naah no dey forget matters. *Laughs* Mr Johnson you ehn. Okay i heard lot of replies and they were all nice that of Blaqbonez, Lord V, Vito and so many others but all I have to say concerning this is that in this Industry there is no permanent friend and no permanent enemy. That's all.

Interviewer: Okay, so three tracks would be coming out before the album and then the album itself And next time you come here we pray this name as gone far than the present position. Any shoutout before you leave and how can anybody reading this reach you ?

Lil ginius: Amen sir, God bless us all. Okay big s/o to God first and everybody who as been on the support side and to everybody who as been on the hate side. That's cool, God will touch your heart you need that. *Laughs.
Anybody can always reach me on twitter @Lil_ginius . Anytime anyday.

Interviewer: You've heard it all from the man himself Lil ginius. Do join us next time as we bring you more episode on Meet up session with Ayomide Johnson. Thank You.

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Re: Lil Ginius On Meet Up Session With Ayomide Johnson.
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2015, 11:45:05 PM »
I love this, Nice one @Johnstone
@Lil ginius we dey feel your music :)


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