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Tracking safety with CCTV system

Author Topic: Tracking safety with CCTV system  (Read 1595 times)

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Tracking safety with CCTV system
« on: August 12, 2015, 08:50:14 AM »

CCTV system or Closed Circuit television commonly known as video surveillance is becoming the integral part of public safety for its quick and efficient monitoring. It is widely used in banks, ATMs, airports, public places, subways and even shopping malls to track the activities of attackers and assaulters. In banks and ATMs, the video surveillance tracks the assaulters threatening the safety of the public and also the bank employees. In airports, these compact cameras are used to track assaulters or criminals carrying harmful weapons that can affect the safety of the flights and travellers. newbielink:http://www.emtech.ae/infrastructure-solutions/cctv.html [nonactive] is evolving to better efficiency with the development of new video systems with high, color resolution to track clear images of the intruders and criminals. Even Eureka Forbes is developing CCTV systems for crime detection and prevention. These systems comprise high resolution cameras, DVRs and monitors; there are various kinds of cameras that are used for capturing images in different settings. The DVRs allow processing or recording of video images captured by the cameras; the monitors display the images and enable monitoring. Leading brands such as Panasonic and Samsung are also introducing CCTV systems; such advanced systems are truly benefitting the process of improving public safety. The clear colour images captured by these latest and advanced systems are very useful in tracking the criminals easily. CCTV systems are also widely used for home security and many socialites, politicians and top officials are opting it for their safety. CCTV system has wide applications for its efficiency and utility; it is becoming the ultimate solution to public safety.


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