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The History Of Pokemon Go, And How It Was Created

Author Topic: The History Of Pokemon Go, And How It Was Created  (Read 2996 times)

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The History Of Pokemon Go, And How It Was Created
« on: July 22, 2016, 08:15:07 PM »


Well i guess by now, you all would have heard of Pokemon go, Whether you love it or dislike it, you've got to admit that the Pokémon GO craze is more than a bit fascinating, and the history of how it was created may be the most interesting thing about it.

The idea was first used back in 2014 thanks to a Google April Fools' Day joke.
Using Google Maps it created the Pokémon Challenge, a mini-game that encouraged you to try and capture the fictional monsters when using the app.

At that time, Pokémon GO developer Niantic was part of the Google team, and there CEO John Hanke apparently took the idea more seriously than the rest.

Niantic eventually split with Google and the rest, to begin the development of the game Pokemon go using the idea they got from Google.

As things stand Pokémon GO is now bigger than the likes of Tinder, Snapchat and Twitter.

Now to the brain behind this awesome game
Ceo Niantic John Hanke

Without too much words, Here is an Image illustration of how John Hanke created Pokemon Go


Well you will soon hear people saying that, ohh man I wish I had developed this concept of 'Pokemon Go' then I would have been earning 2 million dollars a day like them.


Because you wouldn't even utilize the idea in the first instance.

Do you know how much they invested in Pokemon Go?

20 million dollars as a startup where they have had no idea what will happen.

Even Google itself lost its faith in the project after 1 year so, they got rid of it and after throwing out Pokemon Go, 6 months later now I am sure Google must be crying.

If you are going to invest peanuts then you will earn peanuts.

Pokemon Go invested 20 million dollars that's why now they are earning 2 million dollars per day.
I have said this 1000 times before but I would like to reiterate it again.

Business and success is not about brain or luck, it is only about Guts! If you have the balls you will get rolling otherwise you will continue to sit in your pathetic chair and read other people's success stories
- Timidapsin

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