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Scientist invents Wearable Bed :Fall asleep anywhere.

Author Topic: Scientist invents Wearable Bed :Fall asleep anywhere.  (Read 16334 times)

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Scientist invents Wearable Bed :Fall asleep anywhere.
« on: October 01, 2014, 12:28:04 AM »

At work feeling sleepy, but cant find a nice bed to take a nap?
Goodnews Scientist has now invented a new wearable bed that makes you fall asleep anywhere you want

The coat-like bed is full of padding so you can rest easily on the floor, and it can also be rolled up like a sleeping bag.

It can be fastened at the neck and the bottoms of the legs fold up to adjust for different heights.
This can also change the fit of the ‘coat’ depending on the season.

The pack includes an air mat to provide a full blanket and futon set so you don't necessarily have to sleep on the ground with the wearable futon by itself
While the main coat-futon can roll up into a sack like a sleeping bag, the air mat can be folded into a small A4-sized bag.

The sleeves and legs can also be folded up so that you don't trip over yourself while you are walking around with it in 'coat mode'.

The product itself is made of nylone, polyethylene and polyester.
In total the coat weighs about 1.5lbs (700g), which should make it relatively easy for most to wear and carry.
In size it measures 5.25ft (1.6 metres) long and two feet (0.6 metres) wide, while the air mat is 9.45ft (2.88 metres) long and 2.3 ft (0.7 metres) wide.

That should be comfortable enough for most people, but if someone wants to share your ‘bed’ they’ll probably need a Wearable Futon Air Mat Set of their own.
The mat can take a load of up to 440lbs (200kg) without breaking.
The product is available now for about £25 ($40) from supplier King Jim, although there's no news of a release in other territories yet

Go get yours now  ;)
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