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Scientist invents Nanotooth that can Allow you see your Phone in sun

Author Topic: Scientist invents Nanotooth that can Allow you see your Phone in sun  (Read 1703 times)

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This is a tiny teeth that could let you see your mobile phone in the sun
Nanotooth coating could be used on any phone or tablet
This is a problem common to most Smartphone and Tablet owners,
Anytime they come out in the sun, they encounter difficulty viewing there screens because of the sun light
Researchers seem to have found the solution to this problem #Nanotooth

Spanish researchers at the The Institute of Photonic Sciences working with Prantik Mazumderís team at Corning Incorporated set out to find a new method.

Users still typically have to buy a filter or film - some of questionable effectiveness - to lay on top of their glass screens so they can use the devices in bright light, or rely on a mono screen such as those in Amazon's Kindle.

How it works
On a very fine scale, they roughened a glass surface so it could scatter light and ward off glare but without hurting the glassís transparency.
Then the researchers etched nano-size teeth into the surface to make it anti-reflective.

In addition to achieving both of these visual traits, the researchers showed the textured surface repelled water, mimicking a lotus leaf.

This would be so lovely cause i usually encounter the same problem with my Device #Inability to see the screen clearly when
out in the Sun.
Nice one :) :)


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