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Jyrobike a new innovative Bicycle that cannot fall

Author Topic: Jyrobike a new innovative Bicycle that cannot fall  (Read 2206 times)

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Jyrobike a new innovative Bicycle that cannot fall
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:11:16 AM »

Great innovation,
Jyrobike A bicycle that cannot fall to it side when on the ride provides fastest and easiest way for kids to learn how to ride

A Philadelphia company has released its innovative bike for youngsters that ne'er falls over.

Called the Jyrobike, it makes clever use of gyroscopes to make the bike balanced even once a young child leans from left to right.

According to the corporate, this implies a baby will learn to ride the bike in only one day.

The Jyrobike, that is presently part of a Kickstarter campaign, works on the principle that a motorcycle is a lot more stable at higher speeds.

Inside the front wheel of the bicycle could be a quick spinning disc.

Motor power: 14.4 watts

Battery life: 3-4 hours

Max regulator speed: 2,000 RPM

Weight: three kilograms (6.6 pounds)

Size: twelve or sixteen inches (30 or forty centimetres)

Connectivity: Micro USB

Water Resistant: Yes

This creates a rotating mechanism force that balances the bike even once it's ridden slowly, as may be expected for a child moving behind the handlebars for the 1st time.

A ‘control hub’ within the front wheel dictates how the gyroscope acts.

This can even be bought singly and attached to a different bike.

It will change the speed that the disc within the front wheel spins to provide a rider completely different levels of stability.

This means as a rider improves, the help is diluted.

And ultimately, once they're snug, the spinning disc is removed to scale back the burden of the front wheel by sixty per cent.

There ar 2 versions of the bike available; the smaller 12-inch (30 centimetres) version prices £179 ($249), whereas the larger 16-inch (40 centimetres) bike is £219 ($299).

As shown above the Jyrobike is stable even after its given a mild push and it's allowed to maneuver by itself with the rotating mechanism just at the front wheel

‘The great brain behind our technology is that it covertly promotes correct riding technique,’ the corporate aforementioned on their Kickstarter page.

‘It takes the strain out of teaching, eliminates fears of falling and gets the total family out riding along quicker than trial and error, balance bikes or coaching wheels.’

The speed of the spinning disc within the front tyre may be adjusted remotely, thus AN adult will quickly increase the stability if their kid is far away and appears like they're on the point of fall, as an example.

The disc within the bike is charged with a small USB cable and lasts for about 3 hours, and therefore the software inside may be updated by connecting it to a laptop.

Production on the Jyrobike is about to begin 'soon' and it's expected to hit the market in January 2015.

And next year the corporate additionally hopes to create AN adult version that uses a similar technology in a very larger bike to assist older folks learn the way to ride.

The Jyrobike, that is presently a part of a Kickstarter campaign, works on the principle that a bike is additional stable at higher speeds. within the front wheel of the bicycle is a quick spinning disc that makes a rotating mechanism force (pictured) to balance the bike even once it's ridden slowly

The Jyrobike is obtainable to preorder currently at the company's Kickstarter page, with production expected to start later this year. the primary bikes are shipped in Gregorian calendar month 2015. the corporate additionally hopes to style a bigger version of the bike next year which will be employed by adults learning to ride


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