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Title: iBand+ Headband, Helps You Choose And Control Activites In Your Dream
Post by: Timi Dapsin on October 06, 2016, 03:33:44 PM
Have you ever wanted to do some impossible and imaginable things in your dream?
What if you could control your dreams, i bet you would do things like:

*Fly around with your wings
*Visit a beautiful island
*Or probably go back in time to ride on a dinosaur

Well the problem is, most times we do not know we are dreaming until we wake up.

But Now You Can:)



Am sure this will sound as a surprise to you guys, With iBand plus everything is possible,
you can get hold of activities in your dream (Lucid dream).
LUCID DREAM is any dream in which you become aware that you are dreaming without you actually waking up

iBand Plus is an EEG brain sensing headband for inducing Lucid Dreams


The headband (iBand+) that is worn before sleep allows you to control your DREAMS and fulfill any fantasy


iBand+ headband is fitted with led lights and also linked with speakers,
It is capable of tracking users sleep and plays audio-visual cues during the deep sleep phase,
this makes the user aware that they are dreaming, without waking up, enabling them to control the dream however they want


The makers said:
'These subtle external stimuli of light patterns via the LEDs on headband and sound from
the pillow speakers appear as anomalies in your dream making you aware that you are dreaming without waking you up.'

([/imgIf the headband does make it to market, it will retail at 279 (245 in UK, $312 in US).[img]

The headband, which comes in three colours, is also connected to an app, allowing users to track their sleep
over a period of time.