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Human Head Transplant possible

Author Topic: Human Head Transplant possible  (Read 2101 times)

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Human Head Transplant possible
« on: July 13, 2015, 06:50:30 PM »

Human Head Transplant

Hi guys, Iím sure youíll be as shocked as I am that why you checked this article, its all about technology right, so I made research on this.

We have heard about kidney transplant, liver transplant, heart transplant and others even the transgender, trans sexual operations. But this is different Head transplant, sounds awful I know. Letís find out what a head transplant really is.

According to Wikipedia, ďa head transplant is a surgical operation which involves the grafting of one organisms head into the body of another.Ē  Well itís been proposed as being possible, or not.

In 1908 January the transplantation of a dogís head was carried out, by Charles Guthrie. Which he succeeded in grafting a dogís head onto the side of another neck, which was the first artificial 2 headed dog. Next in the 1950ís Demikhov transplanted twenty puppy heads onto fully grown dogs and looked on how long they would last, which was usually 2-6days and on one occasion was up to 29days.

After a while China and Japan experimented on their, Japan experimented on a rat, creating a rat with 2 headed, this operation was possible by cooling the brain to the point where all neural activity stopped, which prevented the neurons from dying while being transplanted.
Recently an Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero as planned on carrying out the first human head transplant with his Russian subject Spiridonov with a fatal medical condition that leaves him confined to the wheel chair, and which cannot make him move his body except his head.

Well people has been speaking their minds on this, many against it, saying he wants to perform the work of God.  The Surgeon seems very confident about his project, and claims all the necessary techniques already exist to transplant a head onto a donor. In the meeting held last month with other surgeons, seek billionaire sponsors for the project. They havenít found a body donor yet and are still source the money.

Dr. Canavero named the project HEAVEN which is an acronym for Head Anastomosis Venture. Well 45 years ago Robert J White transplanted a monkeys head. So it seems possible, but think for a minute, is man not directly tell God we donít need his help?

 I donít know if you believe in the end time or the bible, but man canít rule/ help man, because we were never created to do so. We can only try.

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