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How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Card - Cardless Withdrawal, Verve World

Author Topic: How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Card - Cardless Withdrawal, Verve World  (Read 4434 times)

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This sounds like a joke right  ::) but it's not, You can actually make a withdrawal from an ATM without your ATM card.

This feature has been on for while but people are yet to embrace it, probably because they don't know how it's done.
This feature can be so helpful if you ever forgot your ATM card at home or If you are willing to transfer cash to someone that does not have a Bank Account.

Cardless Withdrawal can be achieved in several ways using either Verve World, Your Bank Mobile Banking app or USSD

I will show you how you can do this using Verve World App.


Interswitch Verve World
Verve World is a neatly designed App by Verve which has the ability to generate Paycode (Used for Cardless withdrawals)

The first step is to download the
Verve World App here

Second step is Registration
Registration is just a two-step process that is easily done using your Quickteller details, add the details of your ATM card on to the Verve World App and proceed.

After a successful registration you can now request a Paycode for Cardless withdrawals

Here is how to generate a paycode
Click on the dropdown and select "Paycode"

Fill the form correctly to generate a Paycode which is a unique one-time code that is valid for 24 hours which can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine without a card. The Verve Paycode can also be sent to a loved one or friend to withdraw the preset amount of money from most ATMs in the country.

The Verve World App also gives you the ability to

Take control!
- View all your cards (Verve, Verve eCash, MasterCard, Visa etc.).
- Add new cards to your wallet
- Generate PayCode references for your transactions whenever you need to.
- Enjoy greater financial control with eCash! A safe, secure, non-physical card for speedier payments online. Use it for payments on the go: forget the tedious entry of card numbers as it works with a 4-digit PIN and guarantees even better online success.

You can also generate a POS PIN for payment at eateries and at the mall.

Now the next step is the Cash Withdrawal.
*Proceed to any ATM
*Press any key
*Select Paycode
*Enter the Verve Paycode given to you and Enter Pin

Example of already generated paycode

GTBank ATM has already been used for the experiment, all you need is to follow the below instruction according.

If you look closely at the display above, it gives the instructions on performing Cardless Transactions; that is, using the ATM to withdraw without ATM card. Even though the instruction makes it easier, some ATMs do not spell it out, so just press the “ENTER” button on the keypad twice, and if it does not still bring out the option, then the machine is probably not configured for Cardless Transactions.

The next screen after pressing the “ENTER” key will be self-explanatory as the tag of your selection will include Quickteller.  The Verve World App, Verve Paycode and Quickteller are all products of Interswitch, so they are in one family.

After selecting the Quickteller option, this screen comes up and prompts you to enter the already generated code, then the ATM proceeds to produce the exact amount of cash that was entered when generating the Verve Paycode on the Verve World. Simple as that.

Then wait to hear the lovely Grrrrr grrrrr sound from the Atm 8)

NOTE: There will be a N100 charge on every withdrawal

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