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If youíre fond of using torrents on your pc, thereís no reason why you canít use them on your Android device too.   Finding and downloading torrents on an Android device is easyĖand best of all, free.

In case you didnít know, a torrent is a small file that provides a BitTorrent client with information about where to find and download the pieces of a larger file (often a media file or archived application).When you open a .torrent file in a BitTorrent client,the client begins downloading and assembling the file.BitTorrent users donít download files from one central location.  Instead, they use peer-to-peer file sharing and download thousands of pieces of files from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different users.

When the torrent has finished downloading, the complete file will be available on your computer (or device).

How to download torrent on an android device

1. Download tTorrent android app from here ( other free options like utorrent,adownloader are available, i use Ttorrent because it's fast in downloading and it has an Inbuilt torrentin search engine(kickass torrents, thepiratesbay, limestorrent etc)

2. Open Ttorrent app and click on search, you will be asked to download torrent search app.Download and install it(it's less than 1mb)

3. Go back to Ttorrent app and search for any file you want to download