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Spotify Adds New Feature Called Daily Mixes To arrange Your Playlist

Author Topic: Spotify Adds New Feature Called Daily Mixes To arrange Your Playlist  (Read 1451 times)

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Daily Mixes Would Use Algorithm To Arrange Songs From What Users Have Been Listen To.

Latest news from the music streaming worls is that of Spotify. Spotify is introducing a new feature, Daily Mix, that offers up a platter of playlists tailored for each individual user, and which updates every 24 hours. It uses the same basic approach as Discover Weekly, selecting songs based on your listening habits.

As explained the Daily Mixes are divided by genre. For example, a users playlists for hardcore, hip hop, indie rock, electronic, metal and hard rock. Most of those are an equal mix of artists that the user listen to often and new songs that the user hadn't heard of yet. Not all the songs are new releases, so there's a blend of old and new in each list as well.

These new playlists work a lot like Pandora stations or Spotify's own radio feature, only now the queue is automatically compiled for you and you can start wherever you want. You don't even have to pick an a specific artist to get started. Spotify says the new playlists will be "consistently refreshed" and feature "near endless playback" to make listening to music on a daily basis a bit easier. Just like those aforementioned stations, Daily Mixes are based entirely on what you're listening to and get better the more music you play.

Spotify says the name implies that you can enjoy them daily and while the track order may shuffle every day, the data that selects the songs will be updated on a weekly basis. For users new to Spotif, users will need to use the service for about two weeks before Daily Mixes will show up for you. For regular users, you can get the update on Andriod Store and also Apple Store

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