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5 Pro Photo Editing Apps for Mobile

Author Topic: 5 Pro Photo Editing Apps for Mobile  (Read 3136 times)

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5 Pro Photo Editing Apps for Mobile
« on: March 02, 2020, 02:54:36 PM »

Love to create mind blowing contents for your photo portfolio, have you ever thought of using photo editing software on your mobile device, or want to improve your mobile photography game? Well this article is just for you, many top content creators on platforms like Instagram do not stress so much thanks to the revolving era of smartphones which has made it easier to use PC software on our phone - mobile apps.

The beauty of this revolution is that most of this apps have almost the same features as that of the PC, if you still wondering why you should use photo editing apps for your content creating, well to begin with check out top contents creators and brands for example @mimzbee, @patekphilippe and more successful pages. They all have what we call consistent content creating. the images or videos do not look so much different from the other in terms of editing. Little things like this help create strong social media audience. If you'd want to know more about social media audience and  growing i'll be writing an article soon so stay updated.

Back to the editing apps. Now that you understand the importance of having and using photo editing apps, is it just any app on your mobile store that you should get? Well no, that is what this article is for, i have taken time to search out the best PROFESSIONAL mobile editing apps stating why you should have them, and yes for both iOS and Android users. So let's jump right into it.

TOP 5 Professional Photo Editing Apps

1.  Adobe Lightroom (Free, optional subscription) — I'll be starting out with one of the most common and most used editing app, which has also come to be my favorite at the moment, Adobe Lightroom is available on both Android and iOS.

The Adobe Lightroom CC is a full-featured photo manager and editor, which come with with RAW photo support, presets, exposure adjustments, watermarking, and so much more. It’s free to download and edit photos in, only thing is, if you'd want to sync your photos across devices and use the premium features, you’ll need to join the  Adobe’s Photography Creative Cloud plan, which costs $10 per month and also gives you access to Photoshop and Lightroom Classic on the desktop. Most people affirm that the Adobe Lightroom CC gives you a powerful, yet simple solution for editing your photos. And do not worry so much the Lightroom photo editing app is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The one-tap filter presets offer a quick and easy way to enhance your images. And the simple adjustment sliders let you tweak exposure, color, and detail.

2. Photoshop Express (Free) — Next on my list is also from Adobe, this time, Photoshop Express. It is also free and has one-touch filters, a variety of effects, colors, auto fix, frames, and also some advanced tools like Image Rendering Engine to handle large files like panoramic photos. Its Noise Reduction feature can minimize unwanted grain and speckling in night photos.


The app is free to download and most importantly,drum roll please...it is ad-free! So you dont have to worry about pop ups from time. As a user can also create your own user presets, which can helps save time when editing photos on your phone or tablet. Photoshop Express also has a healing tool that can be use to remove spots or objects from an image.

3 Snapseed (Free) — Third is the ultimate and Google's very own Snapseed, Snapseed has been in a strong competition with Adobe Lightroom for most andriod users. Snapseed features a massive amount of editing options to help even the most terrible photos look good. Snapseed photo editing app also gives you control over your images by including a host of sliders capable of altering a photo’s vignette, blur, temperature, and other attributes, including grainy overlays, 1960s-style film reel effects, or its unique Retrolux filter.

Snapseed comes with many different types of filters to modify the look of the photo, including 29 different varieties of tools. Some of the special features of Snapseed includes RAW DNG files can be edited and exported as JPG, native dark theme mode in the app, selective filter brush for editing only a portion of an image, the option of saving customized preset for applying them to images later.


4. VSCO (Free, optional in-app purchases) — is a photo editing app which designed around the idea of making your smartphone photos look more like film, so basically it offers film looks. In addition to a set of included filters, VSCO has in-app purchases on presets, each of which has their own aesthetic for particular types of images. VSCO also features a built-in community that includes both professional and amateur artists and photographers who share their work in a more narrowly-focused environment than the likes of Instagram.

With it's complexity and professional-grade tools, advanced camera controls, VSCO photo editing app is a great app for novices and professionals alike. Popular mobile photographers have used it widely, you can too and it for free, but there’s also a VSCO membership subscription with the most tools and filters available as well. VSCO is pronounced viz-co and NOT V.S.CO like i used to call it as :)

5. Hypocam (Free, optional in-app purchases) — If you love Black and White Photography, Hypocam is a great dedicated Android app for black and white photography. It allows users edit existing photos from camera roll and also allows you to shoot directly from the app. One of the best features of Hypocam is the ability to control the exposure and color tone in real time.This free mobile app has 7 free filters to choose from and you can buy more via in-app purchases. The free filters are great and offer various tones to your photos.

A built-in news feed sports various sections that keep you updated and entertained with the latest news and some of the best black and white photographs. Hypocam also has a sleek User Interface that's also user-friendly. All the buttons are available front and center. However, I feel that it'd have been better if the app named the filters and the edit options for a better understanding.

Other alternatives to Hypocam are BlackCam: Black and White Camera, Photo Editor - Black and White,Color Pop Effects: Black & White Photo Editor, Dramatic Black & White, they all offer great black and white picture editing effects for mobile photography.

I hope you like this compilation, it was made out of my personal experience as a lover of photography and a photographer and also by popular opinion out there. One other app i didn't mention but would love to include is a cropping app, Personally i use NoCrop for Android, it works for instances where the image wouldn't fit the specified social media size and it work perfectly fine. With all these you are also set to be a mobile photographer and great content creator, all you'd need is the skill and photo composition to master and you're good.

Till next time enjoy shooting :) .


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