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Volkswagen ID Concept Future EV Car (Review &Pictures)

Author Topic: Volkswagen ID Concept Future EV Car (Review &Pictures)  (Read 1628 times)

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Volkswagen ID Concept Future EV Car (Review &Pictures)
« on: September 30, 2016, 11:13:09 PM »

-Volkswagen plans to make the ID Concept EV Cars available by the year 2025.

The 373-miles-per-charge I.D. concept vehicle was revealed Paris Motor Show. It belongs to a new platform for its next-gen EVs.

Volkwagen has actually made its first model concept, and will eventually be built in some form and arrive to market in 2020. VW has plans to build up to 20 different models based on its "Modular Electric Drive Kit" platform, and also hopes to sell up to three million electric cars by the year 2025.

VW Group CEO Matthias Müller stated that Wolfsburg is moving forward “despite the things we currently need to cope with” and declared that the brand’s future “will be powered by electricity.”

Inside the EV ride comes with it's pure concept, with an LED dash display, retractable steering wheel for autonomous mode, and rear cameras instead of mirrors. In effect, VW wants to make a fresh, bright start and put the dark days of diesel-gate and emissions cheating behind it.
Volkswagens EV platform allows the wheels to be pushed to the corners, leaving pleasantly short overhangs front and rear, its rear-mounted electric motor affords greater room for the front wheels to turn more sharply than with a front-mounted power-train.

The I.D. has a turning circle of just 32.5 feet. The tiny Smart Fortwo still has it beat with its 22.8-foot turning radius, but the Volkswagen is more than four and a half feet longer and rides on a 108.3-inch wheelbase (that’s 4.5 inches longer than the Golf’s). Other performance metrics include a claimed sub-8.0-second zero-to-60-mph time and a top speed of 99 mph. Volkswagen indicates that battery size and motor performance could be cranked up or down for better acceleration or additional range.



- Is VW’s first compact car based on its much-vaunted new MEB Modular Electric Drive Kit.

- It's 4100mm long (155mm shorter than a Golf), 1800mm wide, 1530mm high and features a 2750 mm wheelbase (the Passat’s measures 2791mm).

- The lithium-ion batteries are housed in the floor to deliver Golf-exterior with Passat-interior dimensions, as well as balanced 48:52 front-to-rear weight distribution.

- Has rear features a multi-link axle with an integrated drive unit and decoupled subframe; the layout of the front suspension enables a high front wheel steering angle for an urban-friendly 9.9metre turning circle.

- The ID concept batteries are capable of delivering a 360mile range on a single charge, with an 80% charge taking half an hour. Charging is by fully automatic wireless induction or by plug-in cable.

- It is the first-fully automated VW – the sophisticated I.D. Pilot employs 10 laser-scanners to navigate the car safely through traffic. Touching the VW logo on the steering wheel for three seconds activates the I.D. Pilot system with the steering wheel retracting itself into the dashboard to signify hands-free autonomous driving.

- The ID concept cabin features voice and gesture control. ‘No buttons, no switches, no sticks, just screens,’ says Diess.

- It's Augmented reality head-up display combines navigation, entertainment and information and uses the entire windscreen as a display screen

- It rolls on 20inch alloys shod with blue low-rolling resistance tyres

Each I.D. driver will have their own, errr, ID. This profile will contain the driver’s personal and driving preferences, connect the driver to their home and even allow parcels to be delivered to the car. Parcelforce won’t know what’s hit it…


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