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Things you should Know before Getting a New Laptop

Author Topic: Things you should Know before Getting a New Laptop  (Read 3126 times)

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Things you should Know before Getting a New Laptop
« on: May 09, 2014, 06:55:07 PM »

Many People just rush into getting a new Laptop without checking some core features, then in the long run,
they tend not to enjoy there Pc or get Value for there money.
Before getting a new Laptop you have to consider the following.

1) Ram Space / Allocated Ram
Ram space or Allocated ram is very essential in getting a New laptop.
Make sure the Ram space of the Pc you are getting is nothing less than 4gb for superb performance and Speed.

2) Hard Disk space
This is another key factor you should consider before getting a new Laptop,
Avoid buying a Laptop that has less than 500Gb hard disk space..
Laptops with low hard disk space won't be able to collect lots of files and might end up being slow and might Crash
all the time

3) Graphics Card.
This is another great and important factor to consider when getting a new Laptop,
This is because a laptop Graphics Card will determine if the laptop will play large interesting games without having any issues..
Intel or Nvidea is a good option, Amd is not ADVISABLE

4) Processor (Cpu)
This is a very important factor in getting a nice pc..
Make sure you get a Laptop with a nice powerful Cpu (Processor)
You could get Intel CORE I3, CORE I5 and above, it's a very good option..

5) Operating System (OS)
Type of Operating system is also important in getting a new Laptop,
Try getting a Windows 8 (or above) laptop, Mac or any thing lower is not advisable..
Cause windows Laptops are very easy to operate and stylish...

6) Battery Life
Make sure you buy a Laptop with a very good battery life, at list 3hrs of usage will be ok, anything less would not be nice.
Laptop's with low battery life tends to slow down your pc and reduce some App Speed..

7) Speaker
This should also be considered when planning to purchase a new Laptop,
Laptop speaker should be Loud enough for you do use without a Earpiece or Headphone
So watching movies could be great fun....

 8) Size and Weight
Try getting a Laptop that's less big and chubby, so you can carry them all around with ease,
Large and heavy laptops will not be easy to carry around cause of there weight.

9) Screen Size and Resolution
Try a Laptop with big and moderate screen resolution 13, 15 and 17 inches are ok
Most laptops with larger screen size do have a better screen resolution.

10) Inbuilt Security Features
Make sure get a Laptop with nice inbuilt security feature,
This is to avoid theft and other unauthorized usage.
Try getting a Laptop with nice security features like Finger Print sensor Unlock, Optical Unlock and so on...

That's all for today on the things you should consider before getting a good laptop.

If you do not know where to buy Laptops online you could visit AMAZON, EBAY, BESTBUY  For good affordable Laptops..

Before i leave i forgot to add, one thing MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR LAPTOPS WARRANTY..
Try not to buy outdated  laptops...
Thanks and Bye :) ..
Wait dont Forget to share....


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Re: Things you should Know before Getting a New Laptop
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2014, 12:41:48 PM »
That's all for today on the things you should consider before getting a good laptop. - See more at: http://afriwap.com/others/things-you-should-know-before-getting-a-new-laptop/#sthash.UCIKbXL4.dpuf


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