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Title: The new Google Maps Beta available on Play Store
Post by: gyft on June 03, 2016, 03:39:41 PM
Google has been working on making it easier for users to sign up for beta Android app for a while now, with the first major
announcement that allowed developers to offer beta access via Google Play made back in June last year.

That has changed this week, with the access to the Google Maps beta app now available to Android users via Google Play. Currently, users have access to version 9.27, which doesn't appear to have any major changes from last week's 9.26.1 release. To sign up for beta testing of the app, which will allow users to get future pre-release builds with as-yet-unreleased features, you'll need to visit this Google Play page .

Those who want to try v9.27 without signing up for the beta can sideload the Google-signed
apk via APK Mirror.

So download and let us know here your experience .

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