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Snapchat Upgrades with new Features

Author Topic: Snapchat Upgrades with new Features  (Read 1396 times)

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Snapchat Upgrades with new Features
« on: July 09, 2016, 03:13:49 PM »

Snap chat gives users a way to save their snaps and share old ones from a private in-app archive.

In respect to making changes, snapchat is adding a feature called “My Eyes Only.”
 If you have any embarrassing snaps you’d rather someone else wasn’t able to see should you give them your phone so they can take a scroll through your memory feed, you can move it into the My Eyes Only section.

And also in terms of privacy on a larger scale, any image that’s saved as a Memory will be backed up on Snapchat’s servers so that if you sign into your account from another device you’ll be able to access them.

Memories is an interesting extension to Snapchat that makes it much more likely that fans of the app will opt to use it over their native camera app, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be able to access their capture in the same place later.

It also has the added benefit that allows users capture the moment, save it to Memories, and worry about posting it with a caption later. Simply go to your Snapchat settings, visit the Memories section and select “camera roll only” within the “Save to” area.

So in general the new upgrade allows the following:

•Sending of location.

•Searching for a sticker of choice

•View and the sharing of Links

•Sharing multiple photos same time

•Sending videos inside a chat

•Share text, photo and sticker on a video chat

Well if you got updated already, enjoy, and if you haven't should hurry and join the SnapTeam!


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