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How To Repair A Bricked Smartphone 2016/2017

Author Topic: How To Repair A Bricked Smartphone 2016/2017  (Read 1845 times)

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How To Repair A Bricked Smartphone 2016/2017
« on: October 06, 2016, 09:20:00 AM »

Hi there, welcome to this exclusively detailed tutorial on how to repair a bricked device (SMARTPHONE).

So you tried rooting your device and you did it wrongly which got you in this mess or you want to know about bricked device and repairs, dont worry we'd handle all that in a bit .

First off if you dont know what/how to root your device properly check here>>
How To Root & Andriod Device + Why You Need To    OR      How to root Android easily using your Pc

The 2 types of BRICK problem:

The soft brick: The phone freezes on the Android boot screen, gets stuck in a boot loop, or just boots straight to recovery. So long as something happens when you turn it on, it’s soft bricked. The good news is these are pretty easy to fix.
The hard brick. You push the power button and nothing happens.

The Hard brick: can be caused by things like attempting to flash an incompatible ROM or kernel, and there’s normally no software solution for them. Hard bricks are very bad news, but fortunately they’re very rare.

Now to begin with why does Android Phone get bricked in the first place? Here are 3 major reason below:
1) Some code programs are cleared after rooting.
2) When your Android phone is flashing , the USB cable is disconnect.
3) During flashing, your Android gets powerless.

A bricked phone means one thing: your phone won't turn on in any way, shape or form, and there's nothing you can do to fix it. It is, for all intents and purposes, as useful as a brick. A phone stuck in a boot loop is not bricked, nor is a phone that boots straight into recovery mode. These are things you can usually fix, and they're a lot more common than a truly bricked phone. If your phone is actually bricked, you won't be able to fix it yourself.

The first thing you can do in this situation is try to take it back to your carrier's store, do not mention to them that you rooted it, "you can tell them it started misbehaving or don't know what came up with it or something" - i'm not teaching you to be a liar. ;)

If that didn't work well or you sure you want to continue yourself you can use the steps below:

First download Andriod Recovery software here>>> https://www.android-recovery.net/android-data-recovery.html

Step 1: Connect Bricked Phone to PC
To start with, run Android Data Recovery and then plug your bricked Android phone to the computer. After that the program will detect and recognize your device. When the following window occurs, click "Fix My Bricked Phone".

Step 2: Get Bricked Android in Download Mode

The software will enter the following interface. Please choose a kind of problems that you are faced with. For instance, click "Stuck in the start screen" to go on.

Step 3: Follow the Guide to Fix

Case One: If you have chosen "Mobile phone blank screen" and "Stuck in the start screen" or others, at this time, the screen will ask you to get the device into Download Mode manually. Power off your bricked Android phone completely. Then press and hold "Volume Down + Home + Power" button on your phone together. After that, your phone will enter "Download Mode".

OR If you have selected "Stuck in the Dr.Fone interface" or "Stuck download mode", you are required to connect the device to computer so that the program would get it back to normal state and the cellphone will restart.

Step 4: Let the Device Restart
The program will download the recovery package to help you recover the device and make it back to the normal state. After several seconds, your device will restart as the normal one. Thus, you can turn to the device to check whether it can work or not.

Always remember to backup your files before you do anything serious on your devices, if you find this information helpful or have something to add, please leave a comment below.

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