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How To Recognize A Safe Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Author Topic: How To Recognize A Safe Samsung Galaxy Note 7  (Read 1537 times)

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How To Recognize A Safe Samsung Galaxy Note 7
« on: September 20, 2016, 12:11:11 PM »

The South Korean brand, the handset exchange is now fully underway at the companyís three biggest carriers. Samsung recently has posted a guide which shows anyone interested in knowing what to look for if you are not sure of a Note 7. There are 3 ways of ensuring of a safer Note 7.

STEP 1>That green battery icon Samsung mentioned before? It'll be everywhere, whether it's in the status bar, the always-on display mode or the power-off screen. You can also look for a square symbol on the box label. These visual cues will likely be unnecessary before long, but it's good to have them in case someone tries to sell you one of the fire-prone models.

 Samsung will indeed make the battery indicator on new phones green to show that you are using a Note 7 that is from the new safe wave. They will use the new green indicator in three places: 1. Status Bar > 2. Always On Display screen > and 3. Power Off prompt screen.

STEP 2> Customers can easily check if they are using the new Galaxy Note 7 by looking for a square symbol on the label of the packaging box.

STEP 3> Finally, if you donít have a box, you can always use Samsungís IMEI checker. You can visit their site and use the checker or you can also jump into the Samsung+ app, as it also has the checker.

To visit the site use this link>>> http://www.samsung.com/us/note7recall/?CID=AFL-hq-mul-0813-11000279

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