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Google Update Search For iOS User In Incognito Mode

Author Topic: Google Update Search For iOS User In Incognito Mode  (Read 1358 times)

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Google Update Search For iOS User In Incognito Mode
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:37:19 PM »

- Google Update Search For iOS User In Incognito Mode and Allows Users Use TouchID As Security.

Incognito mode, was first introduced in Google Chrome, which allows users to browse in private without their viewing history, downloads, cookies, accounts and passwords being saved. One use is looking at questionable content. Incognito mode also can help users shop for surprise gifts and avoid paywall limits, and serve as a browser that's already logged out of all accounts.

Recently Google has brought an update to iOS users, the google Search app on iOS makes things easier to search in incognito mode.
As an additional security measure Google's incognito mode for its app can be enabled with Touch ID, ensuring that only your fingerprints can allow access to your secret sessions.

Another new feature about the update is it's being set up in situations were by if users leave the app and need to come back to the search, you can lock it using TouchID.

In situations whereby on a shared device like an iPad, someone else can't easily see what was in there. The new feature to search in incognito mode is being added in an update to the Google app that's coming out today.
Additionally, the Google app gets inline support for YouTube videos, allowing for instant playback within search results, instead of being switched to another browser window or the YouTube app.

The update also renames Google Now to "the feed", and brings increased stability for iOS 10 users as well as performance improvements that promise to reduce crashes by half.

The new Incognito mode does not appear to have rolled out to all users yet, but once it does, the mode can be enabled by tapping into the app's account settings screen and selecting "Turn on incognito".

You can download the update here>>> http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/app-store/



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