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Facebook Solar Drone Launch (PICTURES and VIDEO)

Author Topic: Facebook Solar Drone Launch (PICTURES and VIDEO)  (Read 1760 times)

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Facebook Solar Drone Launch (PICTURES and VIDEO)
« on: July 22, 2016, 11:53:31 AM »

Aquila, Facebook's solar-powered and internet-beaming plane/drone has been launched. It weighs only one-third as much as a car and can fly at 60,000 feet on about 5,000 watts of power. The flight test which was a success, the team noted few challenges for the next test which included if the plane be able to get enough sun to charge the batteries and keep the engines running at night.

Aquila flies very slowly, as it needs to use minimum energy. The plane flies slightly faster (80 mph/128 kmph) at higher altitudes, where the air is thinner.

Facebook plans to use the Aquila in providing the internet to 4 billion people in sub-Saharan Africa and other remote regions that do not have access currently.

Watch video below >>>

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