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Facebook Luanches LifeStage App For Teens

Author Topic: Facebook Luanches LifeStage App For Teens  (Read 1450 times)

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Facebook Luanches LifeStage App For Teens
« on: August 22, 2016, 04:19:59 PM »

Lifestage, created by 19-year-old Facebook employee Michael Sayman, is a video-centric social networking app that lets users keep in touch with friends by posting selfies and videos. Lifestage, a standalone iOS app for people 21 and under, which Facebook is launching today. The app was built for high-schoolers to learn more about their classmates.

A quick swipe lets you block and report people, too, in case anyone sketchy tries to creep on the kids. The app, called Lifestage, recently debuted on iOS. Though anyone can download it and use it, only those under 21 years of age will find it particularly interesting, Only people ages 21 and younger can view other users' profiles. Lifestage's age restrictions aim to prevent the new app from falling victim to a similar fate.

How it works is by Users selecting their school name after signing up and the app shows other people’s profile to them only when at least 20 other students from the same school register on it, reminiscent of the way Facebook was originally launched in the US — school by school and University by University.

Users will find people from your school who have recently updated their profiles, which you can tap through to see specific answers, or swipe through to skip to different sections. You’ll also see a sunglasses-smile emoji by people who recently updated, while those who’ve let their profiles languish will show a frown or even the (((Word Blocked))) emoji.

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