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Choosing The Right Power Bank- examples (specifications)

Author Topic: Choosing The Right Power Bank- examples (specifications)  (Read 1678 times)

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Choosing The Right Power Bank- examples (specifications)
« on: October 01, 2015, 08:02:29 AM »

Using smart phones has become part of our life, if not our whole life, planing events making business calls, replying urgent chat and so on. Though with all these super multi-tasking the battery life is usually not helpful. Thanks to the era of power banks. Still we've heard about the good and bad of power bank. The risk has been higher of recent, which goes to the fault of buying fake powerbanks or using wrongly.

I will make a short list of the best power bank makers and their power banks. Say 3 of them. Hopefully when getting one you could use this specifications.

1. Zendure A2

 The Zendure A2 6000mAh external
battery is highly durable, compact and lightweight. This
power bank also has an auto-on feature which starts charging
your device automatically after connecting

2. OnePlus Power Bank

hours plus to charge fully. It is recommended that
you charge this overnight.
I like the fact that there are no switches on this
power bank, usually a frustrating experience. This
one just needs a shake to show how much juice it
has. There are four small blue LEDs on the side to
convey this message. One shake of the power bank
and they light up showing how much juice is left.

3. Huawei 13,000mAh Power Bank

The Honor Power Bank AP007 it may be one of the
best right now. It has the ability to power an entire
tablet once or your smartphone more than once
(depending on the specs as well). This is pretty good
news for people who are constantly faced with
battery problems and their current power banks just
can't h*ck it anymore.
You can even charge two devices simultaneously
since it has two USB slots. It also supports an output
of 5V 2A so that you can charge faster than even
your normal wall chargers. If you think the
powerbank looks familiar, that is becaue its
aluminum unibody design is almost the same as the
popular Xiaomi Power Bank.

Hope this little specification info would help you in choosing your new/next power bank effectively.

Stay safe.


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