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Airplanes 10 Suffers Damages On Second Flight

Author Topic: Airplanes 10 Suffers Damages On Second Flight  (Read 1502 times)

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Airplanes 10 Suffers Damages On Second Flight
« on: August 24, 2016, 09:21:17 PM »

The developer of the world’s largest aircraft says the blimp-shaped airship sustained damage after it made a bumpy landing Wednesday.

Airlander 10, Hybrid Air Vehicles' cross between an airplane and airship, and is also the longest-ever aircraft. The wreck affected its cockpit when it nosedived on landing.

According to HAV reports which stated that the crew is "safe and well," thankfully, but it's not clear how long this will delay the Airlander program. The company tells the BBC that it's waiting on the results of a debriefing before it provides more details.

In a short statement on its website, HAV says "the Airlander experienced a heavy landing."  Both pilots and the ground crew involved in the test are said to be unharmed and the airship is now moored at its normal location.

HAV says it will be running "a robust set of procedures for flight test activities and investigation of issues" over the coming days, as it continues to develop the aircraft. The Airlander 10 is estimated to cost about $33.1 million, so even a comparatively modest accident will prove costly.

See video of the crash below >>

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