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How To Set Up/Register Zarfund Account

Author Topic: How To Set Up/Register Zarfund Account  (Read 12267 times)

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How To Set Up/Register Zarfund Account
« on: October 29, 2016, 11:09:21 PM »

If you are reading this you would have heard about Zarfund or Bitcoin. Well you use Bitcoin for Zarfund as a means of payment. I will get into all that in a bit.

First if you missed the first article on how to make money on Zarfund, check here

If you all caught up with that then we moving on. We would briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Zarfund account.


- None of your money is on the Zarfund site. You'll create a Bitcoin wallet, and your money is saved in it. This means your money is totally safe. (Google Blockchain Bitcoin wallet)

- Your investment is a one-time 10,500 payment. Nothing more

- All you need to do is find 2 active referrals. Your referrals will find more referrals that will continue the process.

- There is no time-frame restriction on profit-making. You can make as much as 210k in your first month; it all depends on how fast you can grow your chain.

- Zarfund is just starting out (less than 100,000 users in 3 months). This means you have a unique opportunity to get in on the platform before it gains massive popularity.


- This platform is not for you if you're not driven to make as much money as possible. If you think someone else will work for you, stay away.

- If you're an eternal pessimist who sees the negativity in everything, this platform isn't for you.

Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System in Naira

Donate 10500 ($20)
Level 1: Receive 10500 from 2 ref (your two direct referrals) = 21 k (donate 17500 to upgrade) gain 3500
Level 2: Receive 17500 from 4 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 70k (donate 35k to upgrade) gain 35k

Level 3: Receive 35k from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 280k (donate 70 to upgrade) gain 210k

Level 4: Receive 70k from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 1.12M (d onate 350k to upgrade) gain 770k

Level 5: Receive 350k from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 11.2m (donate 700k to upgrade) gain 10.5M

Level 6: Receive 700k from 64 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 44.8M

Now for the main moment we've been waiting for. How to register Zarfund, follow the steps that would be listed in detail to create a Zarfund account and successfully upgrade.

To succeed on Zarfund in real time you would need a team or join one, creating a new team isn't all that easy, but joining one definitely is. All they do is help every member grow. To join a team you only need a referral link from one of it's members and join what ever platform is available.

Step 1:You would need a referral to register. Use this to Join the team : https://www.zarfund.com/ref/1720610eba OR https://www.zarfund.com/ref/0c4270aa6e. Register with Zarfund at zarfund.com

Step 2: After registering you'd need to upgrade.

Step 3: Register a bitcoin wallet with blockchain.info. then create a new wallet

Step 4: Fund your wallet with minimum of $20, you would need people who specialize in exchange to do this. You can visit any of the sites >> trustcoin.biz, standardgoldng.com, nairaswitch, naira4dollar, instantgold.ng, or message this contact on Whatsapp +234 703 331 3348. All reliable sources!

Step 5: Once your wallet had been funded. We continue with the upgrade on Zarfund.

Step 6: Once logged into zarfund you would find upgrade.

Step 7: Copy the wallet ID found on the upgrade page to pay your upline. Remember you have 24 hours to register after registration.

Step 8: You make the payment on Blockchain.info with the wallet ID copied from step 7. After payment has been confirmed you would copy the harsh ID on the payment receipt and paste on Zarfund to complete the Upgrade on Step 6.

Step 9 Paste the Harsh ID fill the following someway here: Wallet website - Blockchain.info   || Amount - 0.3

Step 10 When you do all that successfully, CONGRATULATIONS you have successfully upgrade to Level 1 and it's time for work.

If you signed up with the link above, that's either https://www.zarfund.com/ref/1720610eba OR https://www.zarfund.com/ref/0c4270aa6e then you ready to join the team.

To join the team as stated in the earlier post you need to join the Whatsapp group with the link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/9PlI2w2Ee8y52KcuX5nOu4

When you join the Whatsapp group you would be directed on whats next. Do not miss this awesome opportunity to make it big with Zarfund.

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