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How to Sell & Accept Money Online in Nigeria Without a Website

Author Topic: How to Sell & Accept Money Online in Nigeria Without a Website  (Read 2089 times)

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How to Sell & Accept Money Online in Nigeria Without a Website
« on: December 17, 2013, 12:50:42 AM »

Some people thought a website is always needed when it comes to selling and accepting payments online. You can make money online without a website. Iíve seen people making money from affiliate networks with their Facebook account, they just refer people and once anybody purchases the product, they get a percentage out of the money.
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Iíve seen people that have over 100,000 Facebook fans, but donít know how they can make money out of them. Some even have the idea of what they can offer them and then make money, but they donít know how they can accept payment without a website.
Gone are the days that Nigerians only accept money via bank deposit. Accepting payments online without a website is now easy. With the help of SimplePay4U, you can sell things on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and others without a website. You tell people about the product and then provide them the link to pay for the product. Thatís all.
If you have an idea of selling manuals to your Facebook fans, you can start now. Interested buyers will pay with their Debit/Credit Card to SimplePay4U, which you can later withdraw to your Bank account. Go to www.simplepay4u.com to register an account with SimplePay4U. Registration is free!
Generating a link for your product is quite easy; however, the website dashboard is friendly.
In case you are stuck during registration or when trying to generate a link for your product, use the comment section. Iím always around to assist you.


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