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How To Make Money Online With Your Blackberry

Author Topic: How To Make Money Online With Your Blackberry  (Read 2153 times)

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How To Make Money Online With Your Blackberry
« on: December 28, 2013, 12:32:13 PM »

Over 60% of smartphones users in this part of the world make use of Blackberry and the device has moved from what the rich can only buy to a device for all and sundry. A research carried out in Nigeria revealed that most people use blackberry for fun than for business purposes.
 For me, my blackberry is not just a device that I use to update my website- on the go but I also make legitimate cash on it. I will explain how to make money on blackberry and am sure this will be useful to bloggers,publicists and webmasters.
 STEP 1 - Requirement
 You must have a lot of contacts on your BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Currently, I have 1200 contacts on my bbm and I know of some people that have 2000 even 5000 contacts. In my next post, I will be sharing with you how to get a lot of bbm contacts in a week.
 STEP 2-  Money Making Messenger
  For you to make money, it involves just a thing or an act which is by broadcasting someone's paid adverts to all your contacts.
 STEP 3-  How To Get Adverts To Boradcast on BBM
  Getting adverts to broadcast is so simple, I will give you some hints.
 ==> You can broadcast this: "Promote your products, events, business to over 2000 BBM users in Nigeria". After that am sure some people will be interested to do business with you and bill them. I currently bill my clients N500 per broadcast.
 ==> Change your display name to a name that can be easily search for on BBM. If your name on bbm is full of smiley faces,signs and symbols or some funny letters then it will be difficult for people to search for you. So, it's better you change your display name to your website name or your real name without any 'swag' sign.
 ==> You can also get advert by replying any broadcast that includes someone's products or services.
 NOTE- Do not lie about your contacts to your clients because some of them might request you screengrab your contacts list.
 I hope this makes some sense.
 If you have other ideas on how to earn money online with Blackberry, kindly relay them via comments.


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