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How to make a Profitable Income Using Clickbank

Author Topic: How to make a Profitable Income Using Clickbank  (Read 6564 times)

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How to make a Profitable Income Using Clickbank
« on: December 21, 2013, 04:16:25 PM »

Unlike Adsense where 100 visitors yield a click making less than 0.3$, in clickbank you will most probably have a sale worth 30$ ( Average) , Which is 900$ a month which is not such a great amount but you know you can have an ok ok living with that with just 100 visitors a day and considering 100 visitors, I don’t think it is really difficult to get that much visitors.
 But  it just looks comfortable on the stats, it is definitely one of the easiest way to earn money but still don’t think that form the first day of 100 targeted visitors you will get a sale. You may have 400 visitors with a single sale in the beginning but when you start focusing on clickbank ONLY, you will analyze your mistakes , find shortcuts new strategies and you will land on the sale in 100 visitors mark depending on your grasping power. The key to reach there is
 1) Take action.
 2) Be patient.
 3) Analyze your mistakes and since Rome wasn’t built in a day you can make a living online with clickbank after some time.
 4) Don’t get diverted. I mean that if you don’t make some decent money within the first month then don’t look here and there for other things like “ Become a millionaire by tonight product”.
 5) Don’t give up.
 I can never believe that one can drop the idea of clickbank  after not getting success with it. Let me tell you that the difference between a successful affiliate and failed newbie is nothing but the “ Don’t give up attitude“.  What was the difference between a failed newbie and a successful affiliate.
 -Did they both not have the same brain given by god.
 -Did they not have the same 24 hrs.
 -Were they sons of clickbank owners.
 The answer is ……………………………… yes. Surprised. Of course many people have advantage over others like good money in pocket, better brain quality but let me tell you that this is the only fact why most of the people who do have the capability give up because they think the odds are against them and there are certainly many people ahead of them. This not only includes those who don’t have the capability but those who do have the capability. So chances are that you belong to the latter.
 In 90% cases the successful affiliate and failed newbie won’t have that much difference, so 90% chances are that you have that storming capability of dominating clickbank. Trust me. Find the power in yourself. If you have seen Kung fu panda then you may remember the dragon scroll contained nothing. It  was a mirror to show the inner power each one has.
 Too much of encouragement given.
Let me make something very clear.
 Clickbank niche is getting too much of emphasis which is not required. Not only in clickbank, I also hear things like the best niche with no competition and thousand searches etc. There is no big thing in niches. What I mean to say is that there can be a wonder way that experienced marketers can find to earn thousands of dollars in a day but no one can find a niche so secret to get hundred sales a day doing almost nothing. Is it some kind of magical island that has not been discovered yet. There may be a sub niche that can be relatively profitable than other sub niche of that niche but not too potent that it has a super-high demand and no competition. The world  is not too dumb too occupy them.
 Here are the 3 most popular niches to go with
 1) Internet marketing
 2) Health
 3) Relationships and Lifestyle
 These are the 3 niches that has an evergreen high demand. However it is always recommended that you that you go with a sub niche in these niches. 
 Here are some facts about  these niches.
 Internet marketing               
 Competition  - Super high     
 Demand  -  Super high     
 Number of sub niches -  More than 9
 Refund rates -  Relatively high   
 Profitability - High
 Competition  - Super high     
 Demand  -  Super high     
 Number of sub niches -  More than 9
 Refund rates -  Relatively low 
 Profitability - High
 Relationships and Lifestyle       
 Competition  - High     
 Demand  -  High     
 Number of sub niches -  More than 4
 Refund rates -  Lowest 
 Profitability - High
 Here by sub niche I mean wide sub niche. A sub niche can also be divided into more and more narrow niches and here I am talking about wider sub niches. Like for IM sub niches are PPC, JV, Autoblogs etc. We must try to dominate a sub niche with relatively lower competition and higher demand than the rest.
 As you can see above the competition is high in all of them but relationship and lifestyle is slightly behind them in competition and demand. That does not mean it is not worthy for efforts. A city can have higher population but still low literacy rates and another can have slightly less population but high literacy rates.
 Refund rates are the highest for  IM niches probably because the buyers there are probably regular buyers going for some good products for their site and they know the diversity of products on IM as they are Internet marketers and they know this that most digital products come with a money back guarantee and as digital products are never returned actually on money back, they probably try to get them for free. However on the other niches, many people don’t go by many products everyday and they just search Google and reach them and buy them. For them if their fat loss is reduced or they get their ex back they won’t probably mind their 40 bucks. Also it takes time to implement those products so they hardly think about refunding.
 So while choosing the sub niche from the above 3 niches, choose the one
 - Which you are comfortable and wont get bored with
 -Which you have enough information on
 -Which entices in you some excitement or resonates with you
Clickbank has many sections of products to search so you can search the products according to the kinds. When you find many products related to your niche.
 Make a list of -
 1) Gravity of those products.
 2) Average commission.
 3) Does it provide recurring billing.
 There are other factors also but these are the main factors and since you will have at most 3 products that you will short list to promote after you read the following the upcoming tips  and the remaining factors will have not much affect to get the best of products as out of 3 these are the most factors that will help to sort out those products.
 1) See how old the product is
 2) Is the product gravity getting deteriorated slowly and slowly.
 If the product is very old having a constant gravity of more than 30 or more for a long time then  it means that it is a good converting product.
 Product that is getting deteriorated slowly means that the product is not as worthy as it was before. This brings me to a fantastic experience that I had. Not fantastic but kind of revealing how products gravity can change substantially without any major factors in role. This product www.cbwformula.com had a gravity of a mammoth 300 for a long time but it went on dropping and I did not get to know any reason why this was so. It thought probably this topic was getting useless but other similar products had a constant gravity and when I tested it I saw not a single conversion for 300 visitors.
 So, the moral is that it may be very good to hear that gravity is not the ONLY factor but it is really a MAJOR factor. What I mean to say that low gravity products can be converting but high gravity products cannot be non converting and since we are not going to test every low gravity product, we will have our focus on high gravity products only although you may test the low gravity ones also if you have time and money.
 So now you have a list of  all high and consistent gravity products where gravity lies between 30 - 120. You will now see which products have how much price and their commission. The price must not be more than 60$. If you are promoting the commission blueprint worth 198$, the reader will probably get interested with the sales page of the site but he will not buy it then and there. He will be impressed by the sales page, save the link in his favorites and decide in his lone time and then go and buy if he liked it. So promote a high gravity product (30-120) with low price (30-60) and high commission. Now there should be dilemma to promote the high gravity product with low commission or the low gravity product with high commission. Now promote the one  with recurring billing.
 If you end up finding 4 products at most with high gravity and good commission and 2 out of them with recurring billing then simply promote them one by one to see the best one for you. Please see that this is the shortest way to find a good product although there are chances that a low gravity product with an even lower commission may be more worthy but there are higher chances of the former.

Get a .info or.com domain but it really does not matter that much as the reader is going to end up on vendors sales page. Also .info domains are 1$ a year which is really affordable to any of us.
 Don’t put super unnatural things like I got my fat reduced to normal in an hour or I got my ex back with in a day pinning for me to forgive her etc. which means don’t be desperate for a sale.
 Be straight, be down to earth, and don’t over-hype.

 Go for either the product review or your own experience. And sum it up in short.
 While creating a landing page remember what kind of experience the customer will provide after he buys the product. I mean the reader must get the exact image of the satisfied customer giving his views while he reads your landing page before he enters the vendor’s page. A vendor’s sales page is very much on the roof, trying to make a sale from one side only. The other side is where  a satisfied customer of his lands and shares his experience in his own unprofessional way which bridges both sides and gives a confidence to the reader to buy it.
 All we can do is send the reader to the vendor’s page with an increased probability to buy.
 Another good tip is to give some downsides of the products. This may look devastating but it works. If you are only praising the product on every aspect it looks as if we are somewhat trying to make a sale for our profit or we are the same as the vendor. It simply looks odd. I have many times tried saying “ However the product does give less focus on the xyzxyzxz part but it is overall an awesome product.”  or  “The product claims to get back my ex in 20 days but I got it back in a month.” This line gives very good confidence to the buyer. Imagine if you are dying to get your ex back and you see a product that claims to get your ex back in 20 days and your friend says that he tried it and got it in a month, then the person will probably buy it. By saying this you get the edge off that you are not related to the vendor or you are going to profit from the sale and at the same time you make the reader happy that if not 20 then 30 is surely true.
 Here also, broken English can destroy your sale and let me tell you that a landing page can boost your campaign and even destroy it.
 Title is very important. Try to use words like amazing, proven, unbelievable in your title.
Let me also tell you that traffic is not important, TARGETED traffic is. Conversions came mostly in targeted traffic. For example if I am selling a CLICKBANK domination product with an autoblog service it won’t convert well although it may look that people interested in autoblogs may be interested in Clickbank help. So simply focus. Don’t be greedy that if some one does not buy the product his eyes go on the other product, it hardly works.
 So it is now clear that targeted traffic is a real indispensable need for a sale.
 Let us see some ways to get the traffic.
 SEO - As we know, this is very slow and I think it takes long time for a  site to rank high. Remember that it is easier to maintain a site higher for some converting keywords than to rank it that high. Suppose I rank my site on the first page of Google for a high monthly searches and a related product that my site offers, I will most probably have to do nothing but to sleep and maintain that site at that position. 
 So how to get there. It is really difficult to reach there. It will take a ling long time and so SEO is not the only thing by which you can earn. What I mean is that if you just go for SEO than it will probably take months or years to reach the point where this situation is observed. So we have to do something side by side along with SEO.
 I recommend you to get a professional link builder or if you are low on budget than do it manually.
 Let’s see some of the things that are not liked by Google and they are just counted but not given much importance.
 1) Blog commenting
 2) Forum  posting
 3) Guest posts etc.
 As I said they are just counted but Google never likes them, although you can always go with them and you will find some change in your rankings.
 Google like relevant link on relevant sites with high PR. Also I must sort out the Path of Xrumer for SEO. You better donate the money than investing there. Complete waste of time.
 There are high competition keywords and low competition keywords. You need to decide which one you need to go with according to the efforts you are willing to apply.
 There can be high competition keywords that are not so converting and there can be low competition keywords that convert. Anyways, you must promote your site with low competition keywords. Find many such keywords with Google keyword tool and promote them. When you are high on search engines for those keywords then go for high competition keywords. It is more comfortable to go this way than vice-versa.
 Doing one of the SEO skills only will not help. If you are doing forum posting or Blog commenting ONLY, you wont get good results. When your site reaches PR1 start link exchanging with sites, it will help.
 Remember SEO skills are necessary for whichever marketing you are doing except PPC. Be it SEO, Video marketing or article marketing, you will have to rank your sites, videos and articles high on Search engines.
 Article marketing - This is precious’s favorite and I would be disappointing him if I say if it is not worthy. It is worthy. What I think about it is that it is slower than SEO.
 Probably because it really takes time writing article, getting them approved and you need to have 100’s of article’s to make your campaign fruitful and let me also tell you that few articles won’t make you rich. So you have to do SEO and article marketing regularly.
 Article’s can be written or outsourced. If you outsource then I would recommend freelance.com. script lance.com or WSO section of warrior forum but at DP as I mostly found less professional writers .
 If you write them yourself then remember this. Article marketing can have the worst ratio of results to efforts applied. You can spend hours writing articles and all you would receive is a single sale.
 The thing is that article marketing is not over after publishing, promoting them is also required and it is a bigger task than the former. You have to have keywords density in your article less than 3% or mostly Google flags it. For selecting those right keywords, I would recommend Google keyword tool. Get a relevant keyword with less than 6000 monthly searches and don’t stick with one, go with many such keywords and sort out the useless and worthy one’s. Submit them on top 20 article directories and keep promoting them regularly.
 If you find writing articles boring and pathetic and don’t want it to be outsourced then please don’t rewrite other peoples articles. Although it has many advantages but since it is morally incorrect I don’t recommend it.
 In an article your view always depends on the keyword you have selected for writing. Also that particular keyword must be once in the title and resource box also.
 Title decides the number of views to your article.
 Content binds the reader.
 Resource box decides the number of views to your landing page. Writing a resource box like “ Learn to lose weight” is going to send the reader back after reading. A resource box like “ Spend your next few minutes to witness the most amazing and proven way to lose weight in 15 days”. You will see a significant change in your CTR.
 Your content is going to probably * your reader off if
 - It has spelling mistakes.
 - Not written properly which means that it is boring.
 - You are trying to be smart by repeating the same thing again and again or trying some other tactic to get more and more lines to your article.
 I am going to introduce a new term that I created myself which is ACR ( Article conversion rate) which means the number of articles that convert into sale at an average. I have it slightly less than 10 which is good.
 This is a effective way to see the general performance of your articles. If it is around 6 it is more than outstanding.
 PPC - Quite a direct way of getting traffic and it doesn’t require efforts, only money. But the catch is that if you are a son of a millionaire you won’ be profitable here. You must have some intelligence to get some quality clicks or else I promise that you will lose more than you have earned from the net overnight on Adwords. PPC is always a very risky process and if you have no experience with it then start slowly and then increase when you have a good grip. There is no perfect combination of keywords and you are going to test which is the best combination and only then are you going to increase exponentially. This is the shortest paragraph till now about anything and you can search for PPC tips but all you are going to find is mixed views. But ultimately you will have to test with bids, keywords, quality score, geo targeting etc and see what works the best for you.
 The best PPC network is Adwords but it is super costly due to the competition. The average bid for a keyword that was 15 cent 6 years ago is now probably 90 cents. Other good ad networks are Yahoo  and Microsoft adcenter. Other like MIVA etc are super (((Word Blocked))). I won’t invest a penny on MIVA after the horrible experience in it.
 A nice tip- Get a 100 $ adwords coupon for 10$ and see if Adwords is for you or will you be able to make money with it in future.
 Yahoo Answers - Another good technique. Just like articles it will take time and the best thing is that those answers remain there forever and so think about the long term gain.
 So how to answer. Don’t give the affiliate link in the answer, give a quality answer that catches attention and then in the signature give a link to your site or else it will be considered spam and the answer will be removed and you will be banned.
 It is necessary that you have some good knowledge on that thing for the answer.
 So just regularly dedicate half an hour for answering and you will see some serious long-term benefits.
 You can search for other answer sites like wiki answers etc and you may answer there too.
 Video marketing - Rocking technique. Not many people implement this and I have to say I really love this technique. You get probably much more visits on an average than Article marketing. Also it takes less time than an article does and you don’t have to care about spelling mistakes either. So if you want some quick efforts for a sale, and you don’t have any expert skills, here is the best solution for you.
 How to get videos done -
a) Power point presentations- Make your own PPT Presentation and that will do all the work. It will be better to show information about your niche like show how to lose fat if you are promoting a fat loss product. Don’t upload by just downloading and uploading. Youtube will delete it. You can although change the file extension and upload it again and it will work.
 b) Real life events - If you want to sell a insurance product. You may upload some car    crash news videos etc. It may sound stupid but it works or any real life event that is related to your product. These kind of videos are the most vulnerable kind of videos out of the 3 that can go viral.
 c) Product reviews - This one involves creating videos about the review of a product.                  Here at an average I have mostly got lesser view than the above two kinds and most views come from  those guys who are deciding to buy the product and looking for reviews.  Like if someone wants to know the review of fatloss4idiot before buying he will search “ fatloss4idiots review “ and will come to your video through that term and so since he has already gone through that product he won’t be going through your affiliate link to buy if he finds the product worthy.​
Also always give the link of your landing page in your video as well as the description. I tried to shorten my affiliate link in the video and description through tinyurl but I found more conversions by sending them to the landing page.
Source: digitalpoint.com


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