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How I Make $622 (N97,000) in 15 Days From Google Adsense

Author Topic: How I Make $622 (N97,000) in 15 Days From Google Adsense  (Read 4457 times)

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How I Make $622 (N97,000) in 15 Days From Google Adsense
« on: December 22, 2013, 10:00:59 PM »

 Google Adsense remains the easiest source of income for me on the internet for now. It lets me make money online from my blog with ease even while sleeping. All I do is ensure that I keep publishing quality blog posts that attract good traffic from the search engines, while also making sure I stay away from Google Adsense forbidden content.
 Guess what? I earned 462 in the first 15 days of March, 2013. This equals $622 and N97, 000 in US dollars and Naira (Nigerian currency) respectively. This is the first time am earning such in 15 days. It is more than x2 of January 2011 earnings which I shared in this post. Even during December 2012, which remains the month with the highest earning so far ($1,221.95), I was able to earn 409 in the first 15 days.
 Below is the breakdown of the earnings for the first 15 days of March 2013:
 Adsense For Content =            243.71
 Adsense for Mobile Content = 209.38
 Adsense for Search =              9.34
 Totals =                                  462.43
 Looking at the breakdown, you will notice that the difference between the earnings from Adsense for content and Adsense for mobile content is not that much. I totally disabled the blogger mobile template last month, and since then, my earnings from AMC have increased a lot compared to when I was using mobstac + the blogger mobile template. So, I am now paying Mobstac.com $19 monthly to render my blog in mobile format for those that access my blog with their mobile devices.
 You might be wondering why I am paying Mobstac $19 monthly when the Blogger mobile template can also render my blog for mobile view even for FREE. Well, the fact is that as at the time of publishing this post, if you have activated Blogger mobile template, Google ads will not display on your Blogger blog when viewed with Opera Mini browser. So, imagine how much $$$$ you will be losing if 70% of your blog readers access your blog using Opera Mini.
 For now, majority of my blog readers that access my blog with their mobile phones are still using Opera Mini according to the statistics from Blogger Stats and Google Analytics. So, investing $19 monthly on mobstac, which displays Google ads on my blog when viewed with Opera Mini, is a good deal. Imagine, $19 invested and have earned over 209.38 ($281) within 15 days.
 Cool...isn't it?
 More so, I noticed a slight increase in my CTR and earnings after implementing a personalized optimization tip from the Google Adsense team earlier this month. I was advised to move the 160x600 ad unit on my left sidebar a little bit above the fold,close to my content. I implemented it and now earning more from the ad unit according to the stats from my Adsense custom channels report.
 If your blog is hosted on Blogger.com, you can also try using the Mobstac.com pro-Blogger package to render your blog for mobile view and see if your earnings from Adsense for Mobile content will increase. Also, do not ignore personalized tips from the Google Adsense team.
 Cheers! 8)
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