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Title: 3 Major Reasons Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money
Post by: Heroslodge on June 10, 2014, 03:22:35 AM
if you can only keep digging
until you find out what
works for you… A lot of
seasoned bloggers you hear
their names now, are all once like you, the only difference between you and them is that they never gave up. So don’t- there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Here Are 3 Major Reasons Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money

1: YOU HAVE A VERY POOR WEB DESIGN:Content is king, so we are made to believe, but that is not all true… One thing that
plays a huge role and that is
your website design! If you
ever find yourself on a website that is poorly design,
will you bother to read the
content? Chances is are, you
will not read the content and
may even assume that the site is a scam.
2: YOU HAVE NO NAVIGATION ON YOUR WEBSITE:After web design, comes navigation, it is a part of website design, but it falls under its own category. A blog/website consists of multiple of pages that link together and not a single page. And that is why it is called a ‘web’. A lot of bloggers make their
navigation very difficult and
sometimes impossible. When visitors don’t know how to navigate on your site, how in the world are they going to become regular readers or customers? That is why adsense refused some
application if the website has
no navigation. WordPress know how useful
this feature is, that is why
they make adding it a breeze.
Very simple, you just need to
click a button or two and you
have a nice navigation! Why not take advantage of it?
3:YOU JUST CREATED YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RANKED ON GOOGLE:Every one of us wants to rank our website on google and other search engine sites.
If you ranked your website
for a highly commercial search term, you were almost guaranteed sales, either from your affiliate links or from selling your own product.
That’s when SEO really took
off. But when the all-
knowing Google realized all the money bloggers were
making within its ecosystem,
it decided it wanted a larger
slice of that pie. In recent
years (about 2004) they have
made it much more difficult to rank for highly commercial search terms. If you however, find yourself in the top 3 of your targeted keyword, you are still going to get a slice of the cake, so to speak. Now the problem with bloggers, who create their websites with the sole
purpose of ranking on google, they don’t bother about their website design, navigation, content and don’t provide detailed information on their
topic, you will always see
website with little to no
information jam-packed with ads. Those practices have been flagged by Google. A lot of
bloggers who used these in
the past have been penalized, and those who continue to use them will continue to get penalized. While you might not rank as
highly as before for your
targeted keyword, it is highly
recommended that you
follow Google’s guidelines for high quality sites , acknowledge the fact that
google brings a chunk load of traffic that results to sales.

Goodluck!!! :D