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How To Set Up Blogspot Address To Use Custom Domain

Author Topic: How To Set Up Blogspot Address To Use Custom Domain  (Read 2879 times)

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How To Set Up Blogspot Address To Use Custom Domain
« on: June 06, 2014, 07:20:12 AM »

You’ve been using a blogspot address and wish to switch to a custom domain? If you’re a Nigerian, buying a custom domain might be such a problem as you might not have access to an
internationally accepted credit card to facilitate your online purchases.
Getting a custom domain for
your blog is quite good for
search engine optimization
(like the experts say) so I
think getting one for your
blogspot blog isn’t a bad idea. You might think setting this
up is techy but there’s actually
nothing to it, You don;t have
to be a professional
webmaster to get it done.
Just a couple of steps and your blog is running on a
custom domain.

You can use any domain
registrar that gives you full
DNS control like godaddy.com but I also recommend gossimer.com since that is what I use and I’m gonna use their control panel for explanation.
I’m assuming you’ve noe
purchased a custom domain,
right? Follow These Steps To Easily Configure Your DNS
(Domain Name System) For
Your Blogspot Address:

=>1. Login to your domain

=>2. Click on the DNS tab
You need to first actvate this
DNS servise with the touch of
a button if you’re using
gossimer. After activation,
click manage DNS

=>3. Now click “A records” and add a new A Record

=>4. Now under the name or
value (depends on your
registrar), leave it blank and
set destination IPV4 address to Save.

Create three other A Records
pointing to these IP addresses:

=>5. Click on CNAME Records

=>6. Add a CNAME Record.
Under Name or Alias (depends
on your registrar) write
www Under value, type
ghs.google.com The default TTL value should be OK or set it to 28800 Save.

Now the last few steps will be done from your blogger

=>7. Login to your blogger
dashboard and click on

=>8. Click on the “Publishing” tab and click on advanced

=>9. Enter your full domain
name, including the “www”
prefix. Save your changes. This might not take effect
immediatelly as changes made to DNS records might take up to 24-48 hours before having effect. It’s might actually be less than 30 minutes in some cases thigh.

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