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Top 5 Common Problems With Blackberry and Solution

Author Topic: Top 5 Common Problems With Blackberry and Solution  (Read 2991 times)

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Top 5 Common Problems With Blackberry and Solution
« on: September 20, 2014, 09:29:49 AM »

Blackberry phones are among the best and preferable smart phones available in the market today.
This is because Blackberry devices can record video, take photos, play music and also provides functions such as web-browsing, email messaging, and the multi platform Blackberry messenger service.
But still, there tends to be some down sides to the Blackberry phones, as they come up with different faults from time to time. Just like every other phone. The common problems that are associated with the blackberry phones are highlighted below with their solutions.
Poor Battery life
This is one common problem with most blackberry mobile devices. Bear in mind that you will be using the new devices a lot more than in the first few days and that, it will require some extra juice to perform the initial email and social media accounts syncing.
* If you have 3G blackberry, turn it to 2G only. You will receive emails very quickly and unless web browsing is vital.
*Turn off any features you are not using- GPS, NFC, data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
*Sync your email and accounts less frequently.
*Reduce screen brightness and use a black ground.
*Reduce volume, turn off vibrate on notifications
*Sometimes a specific app will be culprit, for example many Blackberry owners have Skype. If that’s the case for you, then make sure the app is up to date. If it’s still causing a problem then stop using it and contact the developer to let them know.
* Get a spare battery just in case you find yourself in difficult situation.
Trackballs getting stuck
Trackballs are notorious for getting stuck and overtime can cease to work properly due to the build-up of dust
One trick is to turn your blackberry down and vigorously rub it over an A4 sheet of paper. It does really work.
Phone Screen Freezing
Here’s another common problem with blackberry. It freezes when in use, it might go for several minutes, especially when browsing.
There have been few reports from people about their Blackberry phones randomly freezing.
Sometimes it seems to be related to syncing or BBM, for others, the keyboard is freezing up.
*There might be a problem with one of your apps, but it could be tough to find culprit. Make sure that all of your apps are up to date. If you notice an issue with a specific app, then try uninstalling it.
*Make sure you have the latest updates via settings and then security update.
*Try a master reset. Make sure everything on your internal storage is backed up and remove your media card to avoid any problem, then go to settings> security> privacy> security wipe. Type “blackberry” in the box , then tap delete data.
Overheating is becoming a bigger issue with mobile devices as we pack in more power and more features that encourage long term on intense use. A lot of users have been complaining about their blackberry handsets getting a little too hot to handle.
Here is what you can do;
*Use the phone less- The longer you use it continuously and the more intensive the task, the hotter it will get. There is no way around this.
*Turn the phone off and remove the battery so it can cool faster.
*Press and hold the power key up top until the phone restarts.
Blackberry BBM getting stuck on Waiting For Authorization
Blackberry Messenger requires a friend to accept your contact request, to add him/her to your friend’s list. While waiting for him/her to accept, the friend’s status will reflect that authorization is pending. Occasionally, BBM will become stuck on the pending authorization status after the request is accepted. In most cases, it’s a resolvable problem related to software issue.
*Hard reset – Another process on your blackberry could be interfering with the phone’s ability to properly send requests to contacts. The quickest way to eliminate that interference without erasing your phone’s data is to do a hard reset… pulling the battery for 30 seconds before replacing the battery and then re-launching BBM.
*Update Application – Occasionally, Blackberry releases updates to address bugs in the BBM software. For example, pest problems with the application, including authorization issues. You’ll find any available software updates at the Blackberry App World website. During the update process your phone needs an active cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. After the update completes, you must restart your Blackberry.
* Additional Troubleshooting – If authorization problems occur for just one contact, your option includes cancelling the request and resending it. As a last resort, you can completely uninstall the application from within the phone’s “Applications” list. After the removal of the app completes and you’ve restarted your smart-phone, you can reinstall BBM from Blackberry App World.


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