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The new HTC 10 isn't selling in China.

Author Topic: The new HTC 10 isn't selling in China.  (Read 1315 times)

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The new HTC 10 isn't selling in China.
« on: May 06, 2016, 11:40:18 PM »

According to some speculation on the matter, the reason for this disappointing performance has everything to do with the version of the phone that is currently launched in China. This isn't the
HTC 10 with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 SoC and 4GB of RAM, instead we're talking about the much-hated HTC 10 Lifestyle , that only has a Snapdragon 652 and 3GB of RAM. Everything else about the two models is identical, including the design, but the Chinese consumers simply aren't satisfied with these specs - despite HTC having priced the 10 Lifestyle lower over there than what the higher-end 10 costs in Taiwan.
The SD820-powered HTC 10 is only listed on the company's Chinese website as "coming soon", with no timeline given for that actually happening. Still, it looks like many people in China could be waiting for the 'real' flagship model to hit their shores, and aren't falling for the lookalike's mid-range innards.

We all know there are lots and lots of brand and mobile competition down there in China. So maybe it was supposed to happen, or maybe not. HTC 10 remains a great device, if you've missed the Specification chcck the site for it. Awesome Camera features.


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