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solve whatsapp problem on nokia x, x+and xl

Author Topic: solve whatsapp problem on nokia x, x+and xl  (Read 3621 times)

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solve whatsapp problem on nokia x, x+and xl
« on: July 27, 2014, 12:52:28 AM »

Use Notifications to Launch the app:
If you are getting the Error or “Sorry, your device
not supported” for WhatsApp then you cannot
launch the app by tapping on the icon as it is a
bug in the new update which is preventing this.
You can launch the app by tapping on the
Notifications which were recieved from friends
messaging you and launch the app and amke sure
that you do not close the app and keep it running
in the background so that you can use it when
ever you wish to.
Closing the App will not let you use launch it again
and you will be getting the same error once again
until you get a notification which can let you use
the app.
Just Slide your Home Screen to the left side which
will show you the notifications or Whatsapp
messages which were sent to you and tap on it to
launch Whats App and make sure that you are not
closing this application, if you close it the same
error will come and you have to wait for a
message to use the application.
Install WhatsApp on Nokia X, X+ and XL using
APK files:
This is another way to get WhatsApp on your
nokia X, X+ and XL device if you are not able to
install it or are having errors not letting you use
the app. But you should use this with your own
risk as sometimes the apk files are corrupt if you
download them form an unkown and unverified
source and if you follow the setps which we have
mentioned in the post we have already written you
wont be faicng any problems.
Click on this link to go to the step by step tutorial:
How to install WhatsApp using APK files
This is issue which many users are facing in Nokia
X and X+ form a long time and with the recent
update which happened yesterday it is also being
reported by users of Nokia XL as well. So do follow
these steps and let us know if they were helpful or
not and also tell us you have found any other
easier ways to deal with it so that we can add it to
the post and make it more helpful to the users
suffering with the same issue.


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