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« on: June 15, 2014, 08:29:52 PM »

Without even wasting any of your time I want to show you the step by step instructions on how to configure your Android devices so you can use the MTN night plan to browse  any time of day as you like without any restriction and also without any further subscription to a premium VPN plan. So on your own part now, the only thing that you need to do is to follow this simple steps strictly to configure your Android devices without omitting any of the step and it will also work for you 100%. Letís roll on now;

= =>First thing first, you must have subscribed to the MTN night plan and must have exhausted your bonus 1.5GB that was added to your 3GB. It is assumed now that you have already been relegated to night browsing only.

= =>You need an openVPN which you can just download here for free

= =>You need server file(s) which you can also download here for free. It is a zip folder, so just unzip it to see about four sever files in there with ovpn file extentions and make sure you save them on your memory card. 'Do not save them on your phone memory!'

= =>Then you now have to go back to your phone and configure your phone proxy settings separately before coming back to the VPN configuration. Now go to your phone settings and select your mobile network to set up the APN, Proxy Address and Port. For your MTN APN, use web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net, then for the proxy address and port leave them blank i.e. do not input anything for the proxy address and port! That is all for your phone settings.

= =>Then back to your open VPN, which you must have installed if you downloaded it directly with your Android, but if with other device and was transferred to your android, then just install it and you should have something like the image below after installation.

= =>Then tap on your phone option button as the VPN is open to see the available options for the VPN set up as can be seen below
OpenVPN available iptions

= =>Click on Add proxy from the available options to get the next image as below, where you will then configure the VPN proxy name, proxy address and proxy port. So for the proxy name, you can use MTN, then for proxy (IP) address put in and for the proxy port, use 8080. Then thick the box below that says Allow basic authentication and then hit the save button.
openVPN proxy settings

= =>Remember your four server files which I asked you to save on your SD card. It is now time to import those file(s) into your open VPN. With the VPN still open, hit the option button again on your phone to see those available options once again for the VPN, there you will see the import option as can be seen on the image below. Just tap the import to import those server files, and it will take you to the next image below where you can then import profile (server file(s)) from SD card, then locate those server files wherever you saved them on your memory card and import any one of them (note that one of the four server files will be OK but any of the remaining 3 is just to give you connection options) after which you  can just repeat the process to import the remaining 3 one after the other if you so wish. You should now be seeing the 3rd image as below at this point.
openVPN import option

= => next on the line as you are seeing is the username and password which are both case sensitive. Just input vpnbook as the username  and sP4vebRU as the password then thick the save check box as seen below.

= =>You are now almost set to go; now on the openVPN profile as can be seen below is one of the server files that you imported. If you imported four of the files, you can click on it to choose anyone that you want to use for your connection, but if you imported only one, then there is no need, just head down your Open VPN and click the connect button, wait for few seconds as it connects. Then after it has connected, leave it on and locate any of your favourite browsers on your Android phone and start browsing non stop

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